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Content is no longer maintained and is being kept for reference only!

DaVinci graphics

This page collects information around DaVinci related graphic topics.


Since beginning of November 2007 there is a DaVinci driver integrated into DirectFB.

The driver uses the devmem system and opens all frame buffer devices itself. This is required for extended ioctls like setting the OSD position, but also to support alpha channels which are stored in a different frame buffer device. In case of ARGB for the OSD, the alpha channel (3 bit!) is dithered during conversion.

For direct usage of the frame buffers in RGB16 (OSD) and UYVY (Video) modes, the driver implements additional surface pools, which is possible with the new surface core.

The code is available using git.

Embedded Vector Rendering Unit

TES developed a graphics library that has been integrated into the codec engine on DaVinci DM644x devices, available in 2D and 3D versions. The website includes a free download of a demo version of this library used in some GUI and instrumentation applications. TES also offers a GUI and a set of tools for GUI development customization. See TES eVRU page for more information.