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High Striker FRAM

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High Striker FRAM Our world is in fact a violent world! And violence can be measured! We connected a acceleration sensor to the MSP430 FRAM and discovered a whole new world: a world of impacts, speed, forces and fascinating facts! This application measures acceleration and stores the best results to its internal FRAM memory. Test how strong you really are!

User's Guide

When the MSP430FRAM is connected to the solar panel and the display unit supplied with an external power supply, the application starts with an welcome dialog. The User can choose now in the main menu weather he wants to read an abstract of the application, see the high score or start a new game.

When the user starts a new game, he can insert his his name, so his high score can be screened later. After this, he is will be asked to beat on a certain batch, which contains the acceleration sensor. When the sensor recognizes an accerleration higher than a specific thresh hold, it starts to send these values via SPI to the FRAM. The MCU now searches within these values for its highest one. This will be the result of the strike. Is it with in the 3 best, the user can look it up any time he starts the application. After the result is screened, the user sees the high scores. Then the program returns to main menu.

Functional Description

The FRAM-technology provides a whole range of advantages for ultra low power applications. Due to its memory technology, it does not need any charge pumps compared to flash. Its almost infinite write and read cycles, its fast memory access and its true unified memory block makes the MSP430FR Family perfect for data logger applications. It can store data immediately, with very low power and forever - again and again. Nice side effect of this technology: it has inherently security and radiation-resistance for the stored data.

High Striker FRAM

So we decided to create an application to demonstrate the strength of this new MCU memory technology: "High striker FRAM". It uses the advantage of high-speed writing access, the duration of stored information for the high score list and the advantage of almost infinite writing cycles. The Bosch BMA 250 3-axes 16g acceleration sensor sends data of the impact to the MSP430 FRAM, the µC stores this data, recognizes the very peak of an 8 MHz sampled input data stream and shows its result on the LCD screen. The user can store its high score to the FRAM for the next million years. Last not least, the processor unit is just and only supplied by a simple and small solar panel.

For sure, this is just a lovely game for infants but it has the potential to be added to common black boxes to get more information of the circumstances of an accident, airbag control units or in sport utilities to log data and serve a better image of our world to make it more save and more beautiful. This is for sure possible on a standard device, but FRAM makes it more powerful, faster, easier to implement and more sustainable.

What inspired us to create High Striker FRAM

Our application can be adopted on any object to log data of any force (up to 16 g - by now). It does not matter if it is for sports, crash tests, science, anti-theft devices etc...

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  • MSP430FR5739
  • Bosch acceleration sensor
  • Display for highscore listing
  • Buck converter
  • Solar panel