How to update CCS ARM cgtools to build the DM365 ubl in CCS 3.3

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The DM365 CCS ubl is in the flash_utils.tar.gz which you can find after you install psp_02_10_xx_xx.bin.

1. Update the CCS ARM cgtools to V4.5.0. Then install it.

2. Change the ARM cgtools used in CCS.

a. There are two ways to open Component Manager.

  • In CCS, pls select Help->About..., then a new window appears. Pls click Component Manager. Then you will see the Code Composer Studio Component Manager window.
  • Or you can go to /CCS install folder/cc/bin. Pls run comp_mgr.exe. Then you will also see the Component Manager window.

b. Pls click '+' of Build Tools, then '+' of TMS470R2x, then you will see all CCS ARM cgtools you installed on the PC. Select the version you need, such as V4.5.0. (TMS470R1x is for ARM7 and TMS470R2x is for ARM9.)

c. Close the Code Composer Studio Component Manager window. You will see a warning window "This configuration change requires Code Composer Studio to be restarted.. Pls save your work and restart Code Composer Studio before proceeding.". Read it and click ok.

d. The Component Manager will ask "Do you want to save changes?". Pls select Yes.

3. Restart the CCS to let the new setting effect. Then build the ubl project with new ARM cgtools.