IAR Embedded Workbench Kickstart for TI MSP430 Release Notes

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IAR Embedded Workbench for TI MSP430 Release history.

IAR version New device support New features Known Limitation Download
Version > 6.20.1, slac050ba

Please visit http://www.ti.com/tool/iar-kickstart to obtain the newest version of IAR Embedded Workbench Kickstart.

Download limited Kickstart version

6.20.1, slac050ba
  • RF430FRL152H, RF430FRL153H, RF430FRL154H device support
  • MSP430FR6972, MSP430FR6970, MSP430FR6922, MSP430FR6920, MSP430FR6872, MSP430FR6870, MSP430FR6822, MSP430FR6820, MSP430FR5972, MSP430FR5970, MSP430FR5872, MSP430FR5870 device support
  • Advanced hardware cycle counter support
  • Hardware cycle counters can be freely configured
  • Support both cycle counters where available
  • Software breakpoints support when MPU is enabled
  • Various other enhancements & fixes - for details see www.ti.com/mspds
  • On devices with FLL, clock control does not allow to keep clocks running, while the device is halted and the clock is sourced by the FLL
  • V1.3 of UIF does not work in SBW2 mode with 2.2nf cap on reset line
  • eZ-FET UART might lose bytes with 115k baud (no handshake enabled) and DMA as data loopback on target device
  • MSP-FET EEM access to F149 and L092 devices is only possible with JTAG speed slow
Download limited Kickstart version

6.10.7, slac050az
  • Updated MSP430FR41xx/FR203x
  • Updated MSP430FG6626 to full FG6x2x device family support
  • Added UART/I2C BSL support to MSP430 Debug Stack for the MSP-FET
  • Added Blink LED code example for MSP430i204x and related target socket board
  • MSP-FET UART pins are tri-stated before Backchannel is being opened
  • Removed Fuse Blow option for MSP430i204x device family
  • Various other enhancements & fixes - for details see www.ti.com/mspds
  • N.A.
Download limited Kickstart version

6.10.5, slac050ay
  • Updated MSP430FR69xx device family support
  • Corrected MSP430FR69xx/FR68xx series ESI register names
  • Blink LED code example for MSP430i series missing. Please manually configure other code examples to P1.4 for the LED output when using the corresponding target socket board.
Download limited Kickstart version

6.10.2, slac050ax
  • MSP430FG6626 Device Support
  • MSP430FR4133 Family Support
  • MSP430FR6989 Family Support
  • MSP-FET Backchannel UART Support
  • N.A.
Download limited Kickstart version

6.10.1, slac050aw
  • GUI based MPU/IPE configuration support
  • MSP-FET Support
  • Power Debugging support
  • Small code model support
  • Bug fix: MSP430F6779A support file corrections (added missing SD ADCs)
  • N.A.
Download limited Kickstart version

5.60.7, slac050av
  • MSP430F6779A full series support
  • MSP430F67621 and F67641
  • Bug fix: EW24185, EW24315: When changing the value of the SFR IE2, the same value is now shown in both the memory window and the register window.
  • N.A.
Download limited Kickstart version

5.60.6, slac050au
  • N.A.
  • Bug fix: A problem that occurred to some MSP430 devices and was related to clock mode settings and debugging using a TI FET probe has been corrected.
  • Bug fix: DCO Calibration Data Definitions have been added to the header files for the following devices: msp430g2113, msp430g2153, msp430g2203, msp430g2213, msp430g2233, msp430g2253, msp430g2303, msp430g2313, msp430g2333, msp430g2353, msp430g2403, msp430g2413, msp430g2433, msp430g2453, msp430g2513, msp430g2533, msp430g2553.
  • N.A.
Download limited Kickstart version

5.60.5, slac050at
  • N.A.
  • TI's MSPMathlib version with MSP430F4xx series support integrated
  • The free Kickstart version support the F5529 LaunchPad now with 16kB code size limit (instead of 8kB)
  • Added support for CPU39 CPU errata
  • Various support and header file fixes/updates
  • N.A.
Download limited Kickstart version

5.60.2, slac050as
  • MSP430F5259 full series support
  • N.A.
  • N.A.
Download limited Kickstart version

5.60.1, slac050ar
  • MSP430FR5969 and MSP430FR5949 Rev. E
  • MSP430F5249 series
  • MSP430F5259 (single device only)
  • MSP430i2040 series
  • MSP430G2xx4 support for legacy eZ430 emulators (LaunchPad support)
  • MSPMathlib (v1.0.2.0) integrated in this EW430 release.
  • External analyzers: A flexible mechanism to invoke external analyzers for project files. This is typically used as an interface to static analysis tools like PC-lint.
  • Prebuilt libraries with multithread support: Prebuilt libraries with multithread support are now provided in the product installation.
  • Custom argument variables: Custom argument variables can be used in IAR Embedded Workbench whenever there is a need for a macro-like expansion that depends on the current context. This could for example be in arguments to an external build tool.
  • Fixed eZ-FET / eZ-FET Lite related issues
  • Various stability improvements regarding debugger stability
  • No support for MSP430F525x devices except for a F5259.
Download limited Kickstart version

5.52.1, slac050aq
  • No new devices
  • Improved optimizations: The compiler now generates 33 % faster code on the EEMBC CoreMark benchmark compared to the previous version.
  • Call Graph window: A new Call Graph window has been added. It is browsable and displays all calls made to and from each function from any source file in the active project
  • Macro Quicklaunch window: The new Macro Quicklaunch window makes it possible to evaluate expressions and to launch C-SPY macros. The return value from the evaluated macro or expression is shown in a separate column and the user can re-trigger the evaluation at any given point.
  • Project connection: Files or file packages generated by external code generation tools can be imported and IAR Embedded Workbench automatically detects changes in the generated file set. This enables automated integration with for example device configuration tools.
  • Improved Source Browser performance
  • Fixed debugger issue with eZ430/LaunchPad type emulators
  • Various stability improvements regarding debugger stability
  • Fixed simulator issue - interrupts on Port1/2 not working
  • N.A.
Download limited Kickstart version

5.51.6, slac050ap
  • MSP430G2xx4 series
  • MSP430G2xx5 series
  • MSP430TCH5E
  • Support for eZ-FET type emulators added (new on-board emulator series on LaunchPads/Experimenter's Boards)
  • Various minor fixes
  • N.A.
Download limited Kickstart version

5.51.5, slac050ao
  • N.A.
  • No New features
  • Various minor fixes
  • Updated MSP430 CPUXv2 series compiler behaviour according to User's Manual
  • N.A.
Download limited Kickstart version

5.51.4, slac050an
  • N.A.
  • No new features
  • Various minor fixes
  • N.A.
Download limited Kickstart version

5.51.3, slac050am
  • N.A.
  • Release JTAG on Go not supported when using FR5739 or CC430F6147 series with LPMx.5. The devices will stop code execution after an LPMx.5 wake-up event in Release JTAG on Go mode.
  • Fix: F6659 series projects did not build properly
  • Fix: Added missing support for MSP430F67451
  • N.A.
Download limited Kickstart version

5.51.2, slac050
  • MSP430F6779 series
  • Added full EEM support
  • New IAR License Manager
  • N.A.
  • N.A

FET613 - 5.50.1, slac050
  • MSP430FR5969
  • MSP430F5949
  • MSP430F6659
  • MSP430SL5438A
  • Added basic Cycle Counter functionality
  • Release JTAG on Go not supported when using FR5739 or CC430F6147 series with LPMx.5. The devices will stop code execution after an LPMx.5 wake-up event in Release JTAG on Go mode.

  • N.A

FET612 - 5.40.7, slac050
  • No new device support
  • N.A

  • N.A
FET611 - 5.40.6, slac050
  • No new device support
  • Updated msp430.dll to version
  • Added shortcut to "IAR Embedded Workbench Version 3++ for MSP430 User's Guide" (SLAU138) to the IAR folder in the Windows Start menu.
  • Added shortcut to "MSP430 Tools Hardware User's Guide" (SLAU278) to the IAR folder in the Windows Start menu.
  • N.A

  • N.A
FET610 - 5.40.3, slac050
  • No new device support
  • Updated msp430.dll to version
  • N.A

  • N.A
FET609 - 5.40.2, slac050
  • No new device support
  • Added shortcut to "MSP-FET430UIF v3 to v2 downgrade" utility from the Windows Start menu.
  • Updated Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable package (KB2467175)
  • Debugger:
    • EW22890: The disassembler window now only accepts even addresses.
    • EW22854: The Clock Control settings are now stored to the next debug session.br>
  • Compiler:
    • EW22891: When using multi-file compilation, the following error could no longer be triggered: Internal Error: [TCgInterface::GetCallingConvention]: Unknown calling convention
    • EW22879: When using inline assembler and multi-file compilation would sometimes cause the compiler to abort.
  • N.A

  • N.A
FET608 - 5.40.1, slac050
  • CC430 Family
    • CC430F5123
    • CC430F5125
    • CC430F5143
    • CC430F5145
    • CC430F5147
    • CC430F6143
    • CC430F6145
    • CC430F6147
  • Value Line
    • MSP430G2210
    • MSP430G2230
  • N.A
  • N.A
  • N.A
FET607 - 5.30.4, slac050
  • FR57xx Family
    • MSP430FR5721,
    • MSP430FR5722
    • MSP430FR5723
    • MSP430FR5724
    • MSP430FR5726
    • MSP430FR5727
    • MSP430FR5731
    • MSP430FR5732
    • MSP430FR5733
    • MSP430FR5734
    • MSP430FR5736
    • MSP430FR5737
  • F5229 Family
    • MSP430F5212
    • MSP430F5213
    • MSP430F5214
    • MSP430F5217
    • MSP430F5218
    • MSP430F5219
    • MSP430F5222
    • MSP430F5223
    • MSP430F5224
    • MSP430F5227
    • MSP430F5228
    • MSP430F5229
    • MSP430F5333
    • MSP430F5335
    • MSP430F5336
    • MSP430F5338
  • F6439 Family
    • MSP430F6433
    • MSP430F6435
    • MSP430F6436
    • MSP430F6438
  • F6736 Family
    • MSP430F6720
    • MSP430F6721
    • MSP430F6723
    • MSP430F6724
    • MSP430F6725
    • MSP430F6726
    • MSP430F6730
    • MSP430F6731
    • MSP430F6733
    • MSP430F6734
    • MSP430F6735
    • MSP430F6736
  • N.A
  • N.A

  • N.A
FET605 - 5.30.1, slac050
  • No new device support
  • Subversion
    • The version control integration has been extended with support for Subversion (SVN).
  • Automatic selection of printf/scanf formatter
    • The compiler/linker will parse the printf/scanf format specifiers and automatically select the smallest possible formatter from the library.
  • PIC for MSP430X
    • Support for position independent code also for MSP430X devices.
  • RTOS integration
    • Product information, evaluation versions, and example projects for third-party RTOS and middleware solutions are now integrated into IAR Embedded Workbench for easy evaluation. RTOS and middleware information and example projects can be accesses via IAR Information Center.
  • RTOS context sensitive help
    • Context-sensitive help is available for some RTOS'es, and gives easy access to descriptions of API functions.
  • New optimizations
    • Two new optimization possibilities has been added; Aggressive Inlining and Aggressive Unrolling.
  • Improved download speed
    • When downloading an application to a device, the debugger can now compare the image with a cached copy of the image and only flash the sections that have changed. This will improve the download speed in many situations.

time.h has an optional 64-bit interface that supports years from -9999 up to 9999.

  • New extended keyword __no_pic
  • It is now possible for position independent functions (compiled with --pic) to call functions that are not position independent.
  • N.A

  • N.A

FET604 - 5.40.3, slac050
  • No new device support
  • Updated msp430.dll to version
  • N.A

  • N.A

FET610 - 5.20.4, slac050
  • MSP430AFE Family
    • MSP430AFE221
    • MSP430AFE222
    • SP430AFE223
    • MSP430AFE231
    • MSP430AFE232
    • MSP430AFE233
    • MSP430AFE251
    • MSP430AFE252
  • MSP430FR57x Family
    • MSP430FR5720
    • MSP430FR5725
    • MSP430FR5728
    • MSP430FR5729
    • MSP430FR5730
    • MSP430FR5735
    • MSP430FR5738
    • MSP430FR5739
  • Value Line
    • MSP430G2113
    • MSP430G2153
    • MSP430G2203
    • MSP430G2213
    • MSP430G2233
    • MSP430G2253
    • MSP430G2303
    • MSP430G2313
    • MSP430G2333
    • MSP430G2353
    • MSP430G2403
    • MSP430G2413
    • MSP430G2433
    • MSP430G2453
    • MSP430G2513
    • MSP430G2533
    • MSP430G2553
  • Support for LPMx.5 mode debugging
    • It is now possible to debug applications that use the low power mode LPMx.5.
  • N.A

  • N.A

FET603 - 5.20.1, slac050
  • MSP430AFE253
  • MSP430BT5190
  • MSP430F5529 Family
    • MSP430F5324
    • MSP430F5325
    • MSP430F5326
    • MSP430F5327
    • MSP430F5328
    • MSP430F5329
    • MSP430F5340
    • MSP430F5341
    • MSP430F5342
  • Value Line
    • MSP430G2102
    • MSP430G2112
    • MSP430G2132
    • MSP430G2152
    • MSP430G2202
    • MSP430G2212
    • MSP430G2232
    • MSP430G2252
    • MSP430G2302
    • MSP430G2312
    • MSP430G2332
    • MSP430G2352
    • MSP430G2402
    • MSP430G2412
    • MSP430G2432
    • MSP430G2452
  • 4xx Family
    • MSP430W428
    • MSP430W429
  • Thread-safe libraries The DLIB library now has improved support for threaded environments.
  • Trace enhancements
    • A new Timeline window in the simulator allows correlated visualization of call stack, interrupt log, and data log values plotted against time.
  • Direct flash erase and download
    • Flash erase and download can be performed without starting the debugger.
  • BSL example projects
    • Examples projects that demonstrates how to set up and download a Bootstrap Loader (BSL) project have been included.
  • It is now possible to specify a load address offset for download of extra images.
  • New C-SPY Debugging Guide
    • A new user guide called C-SPY Debugging Guide has been introduced. The purpose of this guide is to help you fully use the features in the IAR C-SPY Debugger for debugging your *application.
  • N.A

  • N.A
FET602 - 5.10.6, slac050z
  • MSP430F5329 Family
    • MSP430F5310
    • MSP430F5304
    • MSP430F5308
    • MSP430F5309
    • MSP430F5310
  • MSP430F5509 Family
    • MSP430F5500
    • MSP430F5501
    • MSP430F5502
    • MSP430F5503
    • MSP430F5504
    • MSP430F5505
    • MSP430F5506
    • MSP430F5507
    • MSP430F5508
    • MSP430F5509

    • MSP430F6638 Family
    • MSP430F5630
    • MSP430F5631
    • MSP430F5632
    • MSP430F5633
    • MSP430F5634
    • MSP430F5635
    • MSP430F5636
    • MSP430F5637
    • MSP430F5638
    • MSP430F6630
    • MSP430F6631
    • MSP430F6632
    • MSP430F6633
    • MSP430F6634
    • MSP430F6635
    • MSP430F6636
    • MSP430F6637
  • A workaround for the hardware bug CPU40 on MSP430F5xx and MSP430F6xx devices has been implemented. For more information, see the compiler release notes.
  • N.A

  • N.A
FET601 - 5.10.1, slac050y
  • L092 Family
    • MSP430C091
    • P430C092
    • P430L092
  • MSP4304xx Family
    • SP430CG4616
    • MSP430CG4617
    • MSP430CG4618
    • MSP430F438
    • MSP430F439
  • Automatic driver installation for USB FET, supported for: Windows XP 32/64, Windows Vista 32/64, Windows 7 32/64
  • Additional features
    • Multi-file compilation resulting in a single compiler output file
    • VisualSTATE build integration
    • Support for MSP435F5xx Family bootstrap loader environment
      • New data models for MSP430X (Small, Medium, Large)
  • Improved calling convention
    • Support for 32-bit hardware multiplier in C-SPY simulator and C library
    • TimerA1 and TimerB1 are now simulated when the C-SPY simulator is used
    • Support for multiple MSP-FET430UIF (TI USB FET) modules
    • Static watch window
    • Symbolic Memory window
    • Improved breakpoint display
    • Memory save/restore (also in TI-TXT format)
    • New generic header files
    • uC/OS-II Kernel Awareness Plug-in in C-SPY
    • Support for debug modules from Elprotronic and Olimex
  • N.A

  • N.A
FET603 - 5.10.0, slac050x
  • MSP430F5510
  • MSP430F6638
  • Value Line
    • MSP430G2001
    • MSP430G2101
    • MSP430G2111
    • MSP430G2121
    • MSP430G2131
    • MSP430G2201
    • MSP430G2211
    • MSP430G2221
    • MSP430G2231
  • C99 compliance
    • Compliance with ISO C99 standard. Information about the effect of this change is available in the IAR Embedded Workbench for MSP430 Migration Guide
  • __persistent
    • Global or static variables defined with the new attribute __persistent will not be initialized by cstartup, but only by a code downloader or similar add-on functionality. See the IAR C/C++ Compiler Reference Guide for MSP430 for more information.
  • __ro_placement
    • You can use the new attribute __ro_placement in combination with the type qualifiers const and volatile to inform the compiler that a variable should be placed in read-only (code) memory. See the IAR C/C++ Compiler Reference Guide for MSP430 for more information.
  • Find in files improvements
    • Regular expressions: You can now use regular expressions in the search field, if the corresponding check-box is selected. The regular expressions must use the Perl standard.
    • Search the whole workspace: You can now let the search traverse all projects in the workspace by selecting the option For all projects in workspace.
  • Automatic driver installation
    • The installation program automatically installs the correct USB driver for the TI USB FET module depending, on your host operating system. The following operating systems are supported:
      • Windows XP 32/64
      • Windows Vista 32/64
      • Windows 7 32/64
  • New C-SPY macros
    • Two new C-SPY macros has been added; __isBatchMode() and __targetDebuggerVersion(). For more information see User guide corrections.
  • The IAR C/C++ Compiler Reference Guide for MSP430 has been updated.
  • The online help has a new look and feel. For the compiler, the online help information has also been updated.
  • N.A

  • N.A
4.21.8, slac050w
  • No new device support
  • 64-bit device drivers for the TI FET USB tool are now included in the product installation. Drivers for the following systems are included:Windows XP 32/64, Windows Vista 32/64, Windows 7 32/64.
  • N.A

  • N.A
4.21.7, slac050v
  • MSP430F4481
  • MSP430F4491
  • MSP430F46161
  • MSP430F46171
  • MSP430F46181
  • MSP430F46191
  • MSP430F4616
  • MSP430F4617
  • MSP430F4618
  • MSP430F4619
  • MSP430F47126
  • MSP430F47127
  • MSP430F47163
  • MSP430F47173
  • MSP430F47183
  • MSP430F47193
  • N.A
  • N.A

  • N.A
4.12.2, slac050u
  • MSP430FG477
  • MSP430FG478
  • MSP430FG479
  • MSP430F477
  • MSP430F478
  • MSP430F479
  • MSP430F47167
  • MSP430F47177
  • MSP430F4718
  • MSP430F47197
  • MSP430F47166
  • MSP430F47176
  • MSP430F47186
  • MSP430F47196
  • MSP430F4152
  • MSP430F4132
  • MSP430F5513
  • MSP430F5514
  • MSP430F5515
  • MSP430F5517
  • MSP430F5519
  • MSP430F5521
  • MSP430F5522
  • MSP430F5524
  • MSP430F5525
  • MSP430F5526
  • MSP430F5527
  • MSP430F5528
  • MSP430F5529
  • MSP430F5418a
  • MSP430F5419a
  • MSP430F5435a
  • MSP430F5436a
  • MSP430F5437a
  • MSP430F5438a
  • CC430F6125
  • CC430F6126
  • CC430F6127
  • CC430F6135
  • CC430F6137
  • CC430F5133
  • CC430F5135
  • CC430F5137
  • N.A
  • Information Center
    • A web based navigation system that gives easy access to tutorials, product documentation and example projects. Select Help -> Information Center to display the Information Center.
  • Debugging multiple images: C-SPY is now capable of debugging several independently built images during one debug session. Under Project options>Debugger>Images you specify the location of the images to be downloaded in addition to the current application. There is also a new debugger window called Images where you select for which application debug information shall be displayed.
  • __ramfunc
    • The new extended keyword __ramfunc makes a function execute in RAM. The code will be copied from flash into RAM by the startup code.
  • Auto refresh in the debugger memory window
    • The debugger memory window can be refreshed during program execution, both manually and periodically.
  • New cspybat features - These new features have been added to cspybat:
    • code coverage
    • download only mode
    • timeout option
    • New C-SPY macro __delay(milliseconds)
  • New icons in Project Manager window
  • Code templates:
    • possibility to organize code templates in submenus
    • $DATE$, $USER_NAME$, and $FILE_FNAME$ supported
  • Note: C-SPY macro __loadModule(filename, suppress) has been renamed to __loadImage(filename, suppress)
  • N.A

  • N.A