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IPC Users Guide

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Inter-Processor Communication (IPC) provides a processor-agnostic API which can be used for communication between processors in a multi-processor environment (inter-core), communication to other threads on same processor (inter-process), and communication to peripherals (inter-device). The API supports message passing, streams, and linked lists.

IPC can be used to communicate with the following:

  • Other threads on the same processor
  • Threads on other processors running SYS/BIOS
  • Threads on other processors running an HLOS (e.g., Linux, QNX, Android)

About this User's Guide

This wiki-based user's guide is the new home of the Inter-Processor Communication (IPC) User's Guide (SPRUGO6). That PDF-based document will no longer be updated.

This user's guide contains the topics in the following list. It also links to API reference documentation for static configuration (Book config.png) and run-time C processing (Book run.png) for each module.

Other TI IPC related links for Host Running Linux

Other TI IPC useful links

IPC Install Guides


Please see the release notes in your IPC installation before starting to use IPC. The release notes contain important information about feature support, issues, and compatibility information for a particular release.

Table of Contents IPC User's Guide About IPC Next