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Importing Projects

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This page is kept here for reference only and is still relevant for legacy versions of CCS! For latest CCS versions, please refer to this link


This topic covers the process of importing an existing project into CCS workspace.  Both legacy (v3.3 and earlier) projects as well as all CCS Eclipse (CCSv4, CCSv5, CCSv6) based projects can be imported into CCS.

Importing a project offers a couple of options that will be discussed in this article.

Importing CCS Eclipse Projects into a Workspace

Exising projects can be imported by going to Project->Import Existing CCS/Eclipse Project

You will then receive the following dialog box


Then you can point CCS to the folder for the project you wish to import or select an archived project.   CCS will automatically populate the "Discovered project" box with any projects found.   These can then be selected for import.

Should I select "Copy projects into workspace"?

This option is not recommended since copying and moving files will dissociate linked resources, paths, and include paths, thus generating build errors.

NOTE: When a CCS project created with an older version of CCS is imported into the workspace of a newer CCS version, that project will be modified to support the newer version of CCS. This may prevent the project from being imported back to a workspace of the older CCS version. This is especially true for major CCS revision number differences (CCSv6->CCSv5) while minor revision number differences may not be impacted (CCSv5.4->CCSv5.2). But in general, migrating a project to a higher CCS revision number is usually a one-way street.

The same rule also applies when a project created in a newer version of CCS is imported into an older version of CCS. CCS projects are not backward compatible. If you need to use a CCS v6 project with CCSv5, it is best to create a new project in CCSv5 and copy over the source files and settings.

Importing a Legacy (v3.3 or earlier) Project into a Workspace

These projects can be imported under Project->Import Legacy CCSv3.3 Project

The dialog box in this case appears as follows


You must then direct CCS to the project of interest by either letting it search a directory or directly pointing it to a file.   Any discovered projects will then be entered into the "Discovered legacy projects" box.

Once again you have the option of copying/moving the projects or not. 

Should I select "Copy projects into workspace"?

Copying projects into the workspace is not recommended since copying and moving files will dissociate linked resources, paths, and include paths, thus generating build errors.

Important Note on Legacy/Partial Legacy Import

CCSv4 could import a project without needing a/the .cdtproject file. This is no longer the case starting with CCSv5. This means that various legacy projects and partial legacy projects do not import properly into v5/v6 if they do not have a .cdtproject file. One symptom is not getting an error but simply being returned with an empty project explorer view after import.

It seems like a generic .cdt project file from an empty project can be use for import into v5/v6 to work around this.  This can simply be generated by creating an empty project.