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Importing Projects into CCS

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How to use simple code examples

There are plenty of code examples, projects & other resources available for the MSP430 LaunchPad. But what good is it if you can't import them into your development environment? There are several ways to import existing projects or code examples into CCS so that you can use them as-is, or modify them for your specific requirements.

Create a new project, then copy-and-paste your code

We actually already did this within our Project 0. Within that tutorial, we simply created a new project within Code Composer Studio and copy-and-pasted the code example provided in the wiki into our empty main.c file. We can continue to use this method for simple, single-file code examples. For example, we can use this method to start playing with the TI-provided code examples:

The code examples above are open source and under BSD license. To use and start modifying any of the code examples provided in the zip files above, simply unzip the code examples and copy-and-paste the code example into a blank main.c file in Code Composer Studio.

Or, use the new TI Resource Explorer integrated into CCSv5.2 and later

Another way to start playing with the TI-provided code examples is through the new TI Resource Explorer functionality that has been introduced into CCSv5.2 and later. TI Resource Explorer includes MSP430Ware, which is a complete package that includes documentation, code examples & other resources to help you with your development. The MSP430Ware content is integrated into CCS and can be navigated through a GUI. For example, clicking on a picture of the MSP430G2xx microcontroller will cause all of the related resources to automatically filter and present itself.

As users navigate through the TI Resource Explorer GUI, users can read datasheets, user's guides & import code examples directly into CCS.

Learn more about the TI Resource Explorer and MSP430Ware here!

Importing an existing project

There is a different method for importing a complete CCS project. We can import a complete project in just a few simple steps...

  1. Within Code Composer Studio v5, click Project in the CCS top-menu
  2. Click Import Existing CCS Eclipse Project

  1. This will open up the Import CCS Eclipse Projects window. Click "Browse" to select search directory

  1. Within the browse window, navigate to the folder that the CCS project is saved to. Once you navigate to the folder, click OK.
  2. If CCS found the project that you want to import inside of the folder that you "browsed" to, it will appear in the "Discovered Projects" window.

  1. If your project was found, simply click Finish.
  2. Your project should now appear in the "Project Explorer" window of CCS. At this time, you can explore the files inside of this project and modify the various .C files within.