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Installing Spectrum Digital XDS510USB drivers

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Installing a new emulator in Windows

The first time your PC encounters an emulator Windows requires drivers so as to know how to communicate with the device. These drivers differ from the emulation drivers you pick in CCS Setup.

Warning Warning: Spectrum Digital XDS510USB drivers are included with the installation of CCS v4/v5

Spectrum Digital XDS510USB

When connecting to the SD XDS510USB Windows will pop up the Found New Hardware Wizard. If you have already installed the Spectrum Digital Emulation drivers select Install from a list or specific Location - if you have not yet downloaded the drivers you can get them from the Spectrum Digital Support page. Then select Next.

Found new.jpg

At the second screen make sure that the 'Include this location in the search:' box is checked and select the path 'C:\CCStudio_v3.3\specdig\xds510usb' by default. Then select Next.

Found new 2.jpg

The New Hardware Wizard should be able to find the sd510u2.inf (driver) file in this directory and will associate it with the SD XDS510USB device. Assuming it finds this file you should then receive a successful install message.

Found new 3.jpg