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MAVRK Introduction

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Latest News
Hardware News 01/03/2012: Happy New Year!

Here is our fast track of

modules to release in 1Q12! Our wiki pages now mention the status of a module so you can keep track of its progress.

11/21/2011: New MAVRK Modules are coming! Here's what we have planned.
Software News 11/03/2011: CCSv5.1 is now available with a free license for MAVRK!
Community News 12/14/2011: The MAVRK Community site is coming soon! Stay tuned for updates!

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MAVRK is no longer an active TI evaluation platform. Please contact TI application support if you need further information on TI products or support.

This page is up to date and active. Please feel free to contribute or make improvements.


Hello, and welcome to MAVRK! This wiki will be the source for all documentation on MAVRK.

What is MAVRK?

MAVRK motherboard
MAVRK is an acronym for Modular and Versatile Reference Kit. MAVRK is an open-source hardware prototyping platform with modular software and firmware and an intuitive GUI. It is designed to help customers quickly evaluate multiple configurations of Texas Instruments silicon as a system.

The MAVRK platform contains a motherboard, several MAVRK modules, and firmware to communicate between the modules. MAVRK modules are reference designs around TI silicon that will connect to the motherboard with a common footprint. With several modules connected, a user can configure multiple combinations of RF, AD/DA, transceivers, signal conditioning, and driver circuits as a system-level design. The modular firmware provides the initialization data of the components on the modules and connects the data path from the MCU modules to the other modules. This helps the user spend less time on the component-level interaction of the devices and spend more time on the analytical or system-level factors of the design.

How do I get started with MAVRK?

Install the software

The MAVRK system can be demonstrated using the MAVRK Installation Toolkit containing the MAVRK AppSelect and MAVRK AppMonitor software tools. See the MAVRK AppSelect and AppMonitor Software Installation Guide for information about installing the MAVRK software. A copy of the embedded software is also installed on the user's PC as a part of the MAVRK AppSelect software.

For user who wish to develop software for MAVRK modules, we use a Gerrit server to maintain all of our open source software.

  • Explanations of the process of installing the tools for Git/Gerrit and how to connect to our server can be found in the Software Installation Guide.
  • Download Code Composer Studio version 5.1 (the latest version on the linked Web page) or IAR for the MSP430 (30-day evaluation). It's your choice on which development environment to use. Follow the Software Installation Guide to install either. Please note that you can't use the free version of IAR (which is limited to 8K of code) or the code sized limited license for CCS (which is limited to 16K of code). For CCS (5.1 and later), use the free (and permanent!) license tied to MAVRK boards as shown in the graphic to the right.

For users who wish to develop software for our MAVRK AppSelect or MAVRK AppMonitor software, those tools are developed using the open source version of the QT software tools.

Why do I need all that software?

You may not need all of the software. If your intent is only to execute existing applications and view the embedded source code, the MAVRK Installation Toolkit will provide the tools necessary.

Compatible Operating Systems

Please note that we assume you use Windows, in one of the XP, Vista, or 7 flavors running on one of the 32-bit or 64-bit architectures.

We designed our software to be OS-independent. There's no reason why it shouldn't be possible to port to any RTOS, but we haven't tried it yet.

Linux users, sorry, we are just not ready to support you yet. There is a version of Code Composer Studio for Linux you can use as your embedded environment. We don't know if it will work, but you may try the GCC toolchain for MSP430 to compile MAVRK C code. You'd have to think about drivers, too, especially for the TUSB3410. We are not sure how you would use SVN or the like to access our Gerrit server, but if you think of something, tell us your ideas on our E2E forum! If something goes awry, we can't support it. Try at your own risk.

Mac users, sorry, we can't support you yet, either. You may try the GCC toolchain for Mac OS X. Follow this guide on the TI Processors wiki to try it out. The biggest issue here is the setting up TUSB3410 USB driver so that you can communicate with our boards over USB. There are some details in the Mac OS X GCC guide mentioned above. Again, if something goes awry, we can't support it. Try at your own risk.

Connect the hardware

Second, if you’ve got a MAVRK Starter Kit, connect your hardware by following our Getting Started with MAVRK Kit Guide. The MAVRK Starter Kit contains the MB-PRO-MVK motherboard, the MCU-430F5438A-MVK MSP430 controller board, and an analog front end breakout board.

You will need at least the contents of the MAVRK Starter Kit to use the MAVRK hardware with the MAVRK software you installed.

If you've got additional modules, search for their wiki page by name or review the list of wiki categories below. You can match the first two or three letters of your modules' names (for example, "AFE-BREAKOUT..." or "RF-BREAKOUT...") to a related wiki category.

Try some demos

Third, why not try out some demos? You can build your first project using Code Composer Studio or using IAR with the hardware in your Starter Kit! You can find more demos for additional modules if you want to keep going!

Watch some videos

Fourth, you can watch some videos for more information on MAVRK.

MAVRK Overview
video platform video management video solutions video player
A video explaining what MAVRK is and why you would want to use it
MAVRK Introduction
video platform video management video solutions video player
A video explaining the key concepts and focuses of the MAVRK platform
MAVRK Deep Dive
video platform video management video solutions video player
A video going into further technical details of the MAVRK platform
MAVRK Wireless Robot!
video platform video management video solutions video player
A video showing a radio-controlled robot sled build using MAVRK

Where can I ask for help?

What can I do next?

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Navigating the MAVRK Wiki

MAVRK Hardware


Analog Front End Modules & AFE Submodules

LCD & 5 Key Entry Modules

LCD Modules

MCU Modules

    Micro-MAVRK Modules

    Power Modules and MAVRK Power related documentation

    RF Modules

    SCI Modules & SCI Sub Modules

    Hardware Design Standards


    TI Generated MAVRK software is availible via GIT server. Simply register on then follow the Software Installation Guide to gain access. Descriptions of the most common API calls are on our Wiki with more detailed documentation available if desired.

    Demo Applications



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