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MCSDK User Guide for KeyStone II

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KeyStone Multicore DSP+ARM
Multicore Software Development Kit

User Guide (KeyStone II Devices)


K2x devices are now actively maintained on the Processor-SDK release stream. See for more information.


This Chapter provides the steps necessary for getting the MCSDK installed and the out of box demonstration up and running. You should start here. This Chapter provides an overview of the various tools and development environment used by the MCSDK along with how to install and configure them. Topics include how to build the MCSDK for ARM/DSP and the different debuggers that can be used for development. This Chapter has links for technical support, current bug listings, online training, white papers, additional documents and other similar resources.
This Chapter provides information to start development with MCSDK. Topics include simple examples that teach you how to start writing programs using the MCSDK, multicore programming models, resource management, and debug instrumentation. This Chapter provides an overview of the software provided in MCSDK. Topics include the software architecture on ARM/DSP, a mapping of installed components, overview of major software components and pointers to further information. This Chapter explains how to get updates to your product's software and has pointers to other Texas Instruments software and Third Party vendors.

(Last updated: 01/13/2016)

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