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MSP430F5529 LaunchPad

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USB Series LaunchPad

Not the LaunchPad you were looking for?



The MSP-EXP430F5529LP LaunchPad is an easy-to-use evaluation module for the MSP430F5529 USB microcontroller. It contains everything needed to start developing, including on-board emulation for programming and debugging, as well as on-board buttons and LEDs for quickly adding a simple user interface. Rapid prototyping is a snap, thanks to 40-pin access headers and a wide range of BoosterPack plug-in modules. This enables technologies such as wireless, display drivers, temperature sensing, and much more.


MSP-EXP430F5529LP LaunchPad has everything you need to get started with MSP430 development!

Hardware Design Files
Here's a quick unboxing of the MSP430F5529 LaunchPad. Take a look inside of the box.
Then, go even further with this training developed around your new LaunchPad.

Pins exposed at the MSP-EXP430F5529LP BoosterPack connector

Learn how BoosterPacks can add capabilities to your design!


General MSP430 resources
The MSP430 LaunchPads are supported by several software tools to help you lift off. Depending on your experience level, we offer multiple points of entry, from beginners to professionals and anywhere in-between.
USB Developers Package
The USB Developers Package for MSP430 is a software package containing all necessary source code and sample applications required for developing a USB-based MSP430 project.

Code examples for each MSP430F55xx peripheral
These code examples are available in C (CCS & IAR) and assembly.Code examples are available for each integrated peripheral inside the microcontroller, including timers, ADC, serial communication & more. These code examples are also available within MSP430Ware, which is integrated into Code Composer Studio.

TI-RTOS for MSP430
TI-RTOS reduces development time by eliminating the need to create basic system software functions from scratch. Developers can use graphical tools or a text editor to configure TI-RTOS and to minimize the memory footprint. To assist in debugging complex system-level problems, TI-RTOS can be built with additional instrumentation that enables users to track system execution.

Software Design Files


  • Tutorials
Project0! Start your first MSP430 Project with a step-by-step guide to blinking the on-board LED
Get your design started with the MSP430 Workshop: A comprehensive web-based (or live) workshop based your 'F5529 USB LaunchPad
MSP-EXP430F5529 Installation Guide! An overview on how to install the proper LaunchPad drivers on your system
Using the New USB Descriptor Tool for MSP430™ MCUs
  • Forums
Energia (hosted by 43oh)
Google Group
  • Documents
MSP-EXP430F5529LP User's Guide
USB Design Resources
Designing With Ultra-Low Power MSP430™ USB Microcontrollers
USB Field Firmware Updates on MSP430 MCUs
MSP430 Based Lithium-Ion Polymer Battery Charging and Gauging Solution Using USB
USB Keyboard Using MSP430 Microcontrollers
MSP430 USB Connectivity Using TUSB3410
  • Development Environments
We have a few options to enhance your low cost development experience with the F5529 Launchpad!
Available Today
  1. Code Composer Studio - Available in the 3 versions
    1. Free 90-day code unlimited version (RECOMMENDED for 128kB and USB applications with migration path to Redhat-enabled GCC)
    2. Free version with code limitation of up to 16kB memory
    3. Full license with unlimited memory – See website for license fee
  2. IAR Embedded Workbench for TI MSP430 - Available in 2 versions
    1. Free version with code limitation of up to 8kB memory
    2. Full license with unlimited memory – See website for license fee
  3. MSPGCC – Open source, command-line compiler. Standalone free version with no code limitation for non-USB applications.
  4. Energia – Open source, community-driven code editing tool based on the Wiring framework & built upon MSPGCC. Supported on Windows, Linux & Mac.

               BETA Available

  1. Red Hat-enabled GCC (BETA) – integrated in CCS or available as a stand alone package; free version with no code limitation for all USB applications.

General MSP430 Resources

  • Energia - a simple, community-driven coding environment
    • Open source & community-driven
    • Simple code editing tool with built-in serial monitor
    • Compile & download your code directly to the LaunchPad
    • Supported by a robust framework of intuitive APIs, function calls & large repository of code examples
    • Currently only supports select MSP430 devices
  • Professional software development tools:
    • Code Composer Studio
      • Full-featured code editing & debugging tool for all TI LaunchPad kits
      • Supports TI’s complete Embedded Processing portfolio from MCU to DSP
      • CCS provides a complete, professional environment with full debug capability
      • Free evaluation versions are available
    • IAR Embedded Workbench for TI MSP430
      • Integrated Development Environment and Optimizing C/C++ Compiler for MSP430
      • Supports MSP430 family of MCUs and other TI Embedded Processors
      • Code examples available in C and Assembly
      • Free evaluation versions are available
    • MSPGCC
      • Open source & community-driven command-line tool chain that provides binutils, gcc, gdb and other tools
      • Supports all MSP430 devices
      • Works in Windows, Linux & Mac
  • Other supplemental software tools & resources:
    • ULP Advisor
      Ensure that your code is as ultra-low power as possible. ULP Advisor will check your code against a set of Ultra-Low Power rules & best practices. If there is any room for improvement, ULP Advisor will highlight your code and provide suggestions and tips on how to make your application more efficient!
    • MSP430Ware
      The MSP430Ware resource package provides you with everything you need to be an MSP430 expert. Find code examples, datasheets, user's guides and other resources quickly through an intuitive graphical user interface. MSP430Ware automatically updates over the web to ensure you have the latest & greatest content. It can also import code examples directly into Code Composer Studio.
    • Grace
      Grace generates code that properly enables and configures your peripherals such as ADCs, timers, serila communication & GPIOs with an intuitive graphical user interface. Grace generates fully-commented, easy-to-read C code that can be imported directly into your project to ensure that your peripherals and enabled and configuired correctly.


BoosterPack plug-in modules can really help your LaunchPad-based projects soar. These innovative tools plug in to the header pins on the LaunchPad and allow you to explore different applications that your favorite TI MSP430 MCU can enable.

BoosterPacks From the Community
Build Your Own BoosterPack

BoosterPacks are available in 20- and 40-pin variants and multiple BoosterPacks can plug into a single LaunchPad to greatly enhance the functionality of your design. There is a broad range of application-specific BoosterPacks available from both Texas Instruments and third parties. Here is some examples: