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MSP430 - Connecting to a running target

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This wiki describes step by step procedure to do JTAG/debug connection to a running target without resetting the running device.

Code Composer Studio v5.3

Opening Debug Configurations

Open the CCS project debug configurations by clicking the down arrow besides the debug button on CCS.

MSP430 ConnectRunTrgt CCSv5 OpenDebugCfg.PNG

Debug Option - Load Symbols Only

Select project name to be debugged, select "Program" tab, and select "Load symbols only"

MSP430 ConnectRunTrgt CCSv5 SelectLoadSymbls.PNG

Setting Target Options

Do the following options under "Target" tab:

  • Under "Connection Options" make sure the following options are unchecked:
    • "Halt the target on a connect"
      • "Reset the target on a connect"
  • Make sure the option "Restart the target on a symbol load as well as program load" is unchecked
MSP430 ConnectRunTrgt CCSv5 TargetOption.PNG

Start Debugging Sessions

Start the debugging by connecting MSP430-FET430UIF to the target (target is usually powered externally since it had been running before debug session) and press the debug button on CCS.

MSP430 ConnectRunTrgt CCSv5 StartDebug.PNG