MSP430 F5xx USB Training

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Version 2.0 February 2012

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The MSP430 5xx USB Workshop is a quick introduction to the USB tools and software for developing a USB application with the MSP430

  • Introduction to MSP430 USB architecture
  • Devices and roadmap
  • Verifying the USB & the MSP430 CCS tool chain
  • The MSP430 USB API, and the Descriptor Tool
  • Adding USB to an application

Lab exercises are included in each section.

Running The Labs

In order to run the labs, you will need:

You will need to take these steps to prepare for the lab:

  1. Install CCS
  2. Install the USB Developer's Package
  3. Run the installer for the Windows HID API. This installer is installed as part of the USB Developer's Package. The demo application for the Windows HID API will be used as part of the lab (the source is not needed).
  4. Do a test run of the Descriptor Tool, also located within the USB Developer's Package. The Tool requires the Java Runtime Engine; most people already have this installed on their PC, but if not, the Tool will show a warning indicating the need to download the JRE from
  5. Finally, import the lab code shown in the list above. This zip provides the code as an exported CCS workspace; use the CCS 'import' wizard to set up the lab workspace (this is not otherwise covered in the Powerpoint).