MSP430 Schematic and Layout documents

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Here is a list of useful MSP430 schematic and layout documents

  • Crystal considerations
  • MSP430 32kHz Crystal Oscillators app note can be found here
  • E2E post on crystal value selection [1]
  • Example schematics
  • MSP430F5438 experimenter kit schematics and gerbers are at this link
  • Target board schematics and layouts can be found at this link can determine what MSP430 devices are on which boards by mousing over the board part numbers at this link
  • General layout tips
  • Good general tips are here
  • E2E post with some general tips for MSP430 [2]
  • Schematic symbols/footprints
  • If these are available from TI, they will appear on the device's product page, (e.g. F2618 at this link)
  • Library of symbols and footprints for Eagle CAD at this link
  • Quad Flatpack No-Lead Packages at this link
  • Library of schematic symbols for KiCad MCU KiCad Library