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MacOS Host Support CCSv6

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This page contains information regarding Code Composer Studio v6 running on MacOS. It includes installation instructions, device support and debug probe support. As of CCSv6.1.3, the MacOS version is a full production version. CCS is tested with the most current version of MacOS and previous version at the time of release.

Download and Install

Proceed with instructions for download and install shown in the CCSv6 Getting Started Guide.

Note: as of CCSv6.1.3, there is a bug in the license acquisition that always says "Evaluation License", which does not apply license restrictions of any kind.


Run <installdir>/ccsv6/ If the uninstaller does not complete successfully, it’s safe to delete everything under the <installdir>/ccsv6 directory to complete the uninstall.

Supported Devices

  • MSP430
  • MSP432
  • TM4C/SC4C
  • CC1310/CC1350
  • CC2538/CM2538
  • CC2620/CC2630/CC2640/CC2650
  • CC3200
  • F28x/F28M
  • Hercules (RM41/RM42/RM44/RM46/RM48/RM57/TMS570LC/TMS570LS)

Supported Debug Probes

  • ICDI
  • XDS100v1/XDS100v2/XDS100v3
  • XDS110
  • XDS200/XDS220


  • MSP-FET430PIF (Parallel port)
  • eZ430
  • Chronos
  • LaunchPads and Experimenters boards other than those noted above. For example the G2 and FR5739 LaunchPads are not supported.
  • XDS510 (all variants)
  • XDS560 (all variants)
  • XDS560v2/XDSPROTRACE (this may change in the future)

Feature Differences vs Windows

  • RTOS Analyzer is currently not supported. Planned to be added in CCSv7.x.
  • Graphs (Image Analyzer, FFT...) are currently not supported. Planned to be added in CCSv7.0.
  • Trace Analyzer support for ITM/SWO is currently not supported. Planned to be added in CCSv7.1.