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Microcontrollers (MCUs) ARM®-based Processors Digital Signal Processors

16-bit Ultra Low Power MCU

32-bit Real-Time MCU

32-bit ARM MCU

32-bit ARM Processors for Performance Applications

Application Processors

Singlecore DSP

Multicore DSP

Ultra Low Power DSP

Wireless Connectivity

Software & Development Tools
Development Tools

Embedded Operating Systems

  • Linux and embedded software including drivers and SDKs.
  • TI-RTOS, SYS/BIOS, DSP/BIOS real-time operating systems and kernels.
  • Android kernel, software components and development kit.
  • WinCE and embedded software including BSP and DVSDK.
Embedded Software


General Information
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This site has been established to assist developers using Embedded Processors from Texas Instruments.  Its intention is to help developers get started, help each other innovate, and foster the growth of general knowledge about the hardware and software surrounding these devices.

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