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MatLab and CCS

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MathWorks, creator of MATLAB, Simulink, and Embedded Coder offers support for CCS. There are two main workflows, defined by the Embedded Coder system target file used: idelink_ert.tlc and ert.tlc.

ert.tlc is the primary workflow – you use Embedded Coder to generate C/C++ code from your model and then you import into an existing CCS project. Supported for CCSv3.3 onwards. Workflow is suitable for a wide variety of TI MCU’s and DSP’s including C2000, C6000, etc.

idelink_ert.tlc includes a direct interface to the CCS IDE, but is based on older CCSv3.3 technology. This workflow is not recommended for new customers or projects. Supported for CCSv3.3, with partial support for CCSv4 and CCSv5. No support for CCSv6.

NOTE: Support for idelink_ert.tlc workflows will be removed, starting in MathWorks Release R2017a.

CCS Support by MathWorks Release

MATLAB Version
CCS Version Supported
Product or Package Required
  • MATLAB 7.9 (R2009b)
  • MATLAB 7.10 (R2010a)
  • CCSv3
  • Target Support Package
  • Embedded IDE Link (product)
  • MATLAB 7.11 (R2010b)
  • CCSv3
  • CCSv4
  • MATLAB 7.12 (R2011a)
  • MATLAB 7.13 (R2011b)
  • MATLAB 7.14 (R2012a)
  • Embedded Coder (product, includes Embedded IDE Link and Target Support Package)
  • Support from 64-bit MATLAB
  • MATLAB 8.0 (R2012b)
  • MATLAB 8.1 (R2013a)
  • CCSv3
  • CCSv4
  • CCSv5
  • MATLAB 8.2 (R2013b)
  • MATLAB 8.3 (R2014a)
  • MATLAB 8.4 (R2014b)
  • MATLAB 8.5 (R2015a)
  • MATLAB 8.6 (R2015b)
  • MATLAB 9.0 (R2016a)
  • MATLAB 9.1 (R2016b)
  • CCSv3
  • CCSv4
  • CCSv5
  • CCSv6
  • MATLAB 9.2 (R2017a)
  • CCSv3 -> CCSv6
  • CCS project (CCSv5, CCSv6) generated when using TI C2000 Support Package
  • Support for TI C2000 with CCSv3 discontinued (idelink_ert.tlc)
  • MATLAB 9.3 (R2017b)
  • MATLAB 9.4 (R2018a)
  • CCSv3 -> CCSv7
  • Started support for C2000Ware (R2017b)
  • MATLAB 9.5 (R2018b)
  • CCSv3 -> CCSv8

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