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NPI RF4CE SubSystem

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RF4CE Network Processor Interface SubSystem

This page describes how to use the Network Processor Interface to interface with the RF4CE stack. RemoTI is the implementation of RF4CE for CC2xxx.

SubSystem IDs

There are two sub system IDs that can be used to interface with the RF4CE stack:

SubSystem ID SubSystem
0x0A RemoTI API
0x0B RemoTI Network Layer (RCN) API

Command ID to RemoTI API mapping

The APIs listed in the tables below are ordered by functionality, rather than ID.


  • Most APIs are asynchronous requests made by host that have an asynchronous confirmation.
  • They are typically called requests and confirmations.
  • Requests end with Req
  • Confirmations end with Cnf


  • Some APIs to host do not require a request. Some of those APIs require a response.
  • They are typically called indications and responses.
  • Indications end with Ind
  • Responses end with Rsp.

Initiated by Host

Command ID Requests Command ID Confirmations
0x03 RTI_InitReq() 0x01 RTI_InitCnf()
0x05 RTI_SendDataReq() 0x03 RTI_SendDataCnf()
0x30 RTI_BindReq() 0x30 RTI_BindCnf()
0x31 RTI_AllowBindReq() 0x32 RTI_BindInd()
0x3F RTI_UnbindReq() 0x41 RTI_UnbindCnf()
0x40 RTI_BindAbortReq() 0x43 RTI_BindAbortCnf()
0x41 RTI_AllowBindAbortReq()
0x35 RTI_PollReq() 0x37 RTI_PollCnf()
0x33 RTI_PollConfigReq() 0x35 RTI_PollConfigCnf()
0x34 RTI_IdentConfigReq() 0x36 RTI_IdentConfigCnf()
0x36 RTI_KeyExchangeReq() 0x38 RTI_KeyExchangeCnf()
0x39 RTI_SendIrdbVendorSupportReq() 0x3B RTI_SendIrdbVendorSupportCnf()
0x3A RTI_SendMappableActionsReq() 0x3C RTI_SendMappableActionsCnf()
0x3B RTI_GetActionMappingsReq() 0x3D RTI_GetActionMappingsCnf()
0x3C RTI_HaSupportedAnnounceReq() 0x3E RTI_HaSupportedAnnounceCnf()
0x3D RTI_PullHaAttributeReq() 0x3F RTI_PullHaAttributeCnf()
0x07 RTI_StandbyReq() 0x06 RTI_StandbyCnf()
0x08 RTI_RxEnableReq() 0x07 RTI_RxEnableCnf()
0x42 RTI_TestModeReq()
0x13 RTI_SwResetReq() 0x0D RTI_ResetInd()

Initiated by Host, with response

Command ID APIs with return value
0x21 RTI_ReadItem()
0x22 RTI_WriteItem()

Initiated by RemoTI Network Processor

Command ID Indications Command ID Responses/Confirmations
0x0D RTI_ResetInd()
0x05 RTI_ReceiveDataInd()
0x33 RTI_StartValidationInd()
0x34 RTI_GetValidationStatusInd() 0x32 RTI_GetValidationStatusRsp()
0x32 RTI_BindInd()
0x42 RTI_UnbindInd()
0x39 RTI_GetAttributeReq() 0x37 RTI_GetAttributeCnf()
0x3A RTI_SetAttributeReq() 0x38 RTI_SetAttributeCnf()
0x40 RTI_PollInd() 0x3E RTI_PollRsp()

Detailed RemoTI API over NPI

A detailed list of full serialization of all the APIs can be found here.