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OMAP family core performance
OMAP device line up
The OMAP in TI's mobile market processor products
OMAP35xx family

The OMAP series of TI processor systems is targeting for a market that requires low power consumption and relatively small casing dimensions. Thus the OMAP is most often used in the mobile market, ranging from Bluetooth headsets over mobile phones up to fully featured multimedia communicator devices. In some respects the differentiation to the C5000 family is hard to perform, in other respect the devices are designed quite close to the DaVinci video processing devices.

Feature groups, families or generations of the OMAP series:

  • OMAP-DM2xx/OMAP-DM500 comes with 1x ARM7 core (& C54x DSP core for DM270 only)
  • OMAP-DM5xx comes with 1x ARM9 core
  • OMAP3xx comes with 1x ARM9 core
  • OMAP1 comes with 1x ARM9 core & 1x C55x DSP core
  • OMAP L-1x comes with 1x ARM9 core & 1x C674x DSP core
  • OMAP2 comes with 1x ARM11 core
  • OMAP3 comes with 1x ARM Cortex-A8 core
  • OMAP4 comes with 1x ARM Cortex-A9 dual core
  • OMAP5 comes with 1x ARM Cortex-A15 dual core


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