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Office Automator

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Working Demo Video

Energy consumption.jpg

|Figure 1. Energy Consumption Percentatges
|Figure 2. Residential Consumption Percentatges
|Figure 3. Commercial Consumption Percentatges

Figure 4. Image all the energy that could be saved if the office automator was installed in each cubicle and office in each building!

Proposed System

At its core, our system consists of an array of two infrared emitters and detectors. The receivers are each connected to an RF2500 device such that when a breach in the infrared light stream is detected, an appropriate signal is transmitted to another RF2500, which can signal to the LaunchPad an event has occurred. By placing each IR emitter/detector in parallel around the entrance of an office door or cubicle entrance, we are able to determine which sensor responds first and therefore correctly decide if one has entered or exited the space. When the first person enters, a light is turned on and the computer can be awoken from sleep mode, and as more people enter, the system keeps track on a 7-segment LED display. As people exit, the display updated, and when the last person leaves, the light is turned off and the computer is put into sleep mode.


Pictures & Videos

Source Code

Source Code