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Omapl137/DA830 linux bootup

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This page is intended to describe the OMAPL137/DA830 EVM boot sequence and several additional details required to reflash the built-in SPI Flash memory.

Booting the OMAP-L137/DA830 EVM

Boot overview

  • On the OMAP-L137/DA830 SoC, the DSP boots first
    • ARM remains disabled at reset.
  • The device supports booting from various media.
    • On the EVM, booting from SPI flash is supported.
  • The DSP User Boot Loader (UBL) comes up first.
    • resides at start of SPI flash
    • is in Application Image Script (AIS) file format
    • loads the ARM UBL to internal RAM, sets up ARM reset vector and enables ARM.
    • Typically there should be no need to modify this software
  • The ARM UBL comes up next
    • resides next to DSP UBL in SPI flash
    • is in flat-binary file format
    • Sets up PLLs, SDRAM and does other basic initialization
    • Copies U-Boot to SDRAM and starts it.
  • U-Boot
    • De-facto boot loader for ARM Linux
    • resides in SPI flash after ARM UBL
    • is in flat-binary file format
    • Supported version is 1.3.3

Obtaining Software

Flashing the EVM

Pin # 7 2 1 0 3
Position 1 1 1 1 0

On EVM revisions A and B, the SW2 switch for Pin #3 is inverted. That is, OFF = 1 and ON = 0. This problem has been corrected from EVM revision C onwards.

  • Power-up the EVM and connect the on-board emulation to the PC using the supplied USB cable
  • Start CCStudio, connect to DSP, then to ARM
  • From the ARM window, load spiflash_writer.out
  • When prompted for filetype, enter dspais =armubl= or u-boot.bin depending on whether you are burning the DSP UBL, the ARM UBL, or U-Boot respectively
  • All three files need to be burnt to SPI flash for successful boot-up
  • Disconnect CCStudio and Power-off EVM, and setup it to boot from SPI0 Flash

Pin # 7 2 1 0 3
Position 0 1 0 1 X

  • Connect NULL modem cable from DB9 connector on EVM to COM port on PC
  • Setup the serial terminal for 115200 baud, 8 bit data, no parity, 1 stop-bit and no flow control
  • Power up the EVM and you should see the U-Boot prompt on the serial console.

Booting Linux

  • Boot from SPI flash
    • SPI flash is 4MBytes on EVM board
    • Use SPI flash to store kernel, use SDRAM, NFS, MMC/SD etc for storing FS
      • Select the serial flash device sf probe 0
      • Download uImage and copy it to SPI flash partition
tftp 0xc0700000 uImage
sf erase 0x1E0000 0x220000
sf write 0xc0700000 0x1E0000 0x220000 
      • Download ramdisk.gz to SDRAM. tftp 0xc1180000 ramdisk.gz
      • Setup bootargs to boot with this configuration
setenv bootargs 'mem=32M console=ttyS2,115200n8 root=/dev/ram0 rw initrd=0xc1180000,4M ip=dhcp'
setenv bootcmd 'sf probe 0;sf read 0xc0700000 0x1E0000 0x220000; bootm 0xc0700000'

Compiling Software

  • Optional if using pre-compiled binaries from bin directory of PSP package
  • To compile SPI flash writer:
    • open board_utils/flash_writers/spi_flash_writer/ccsv3.3/spiflash_writer.pjt in CCStudio v3.3
    • Build the Project like any other CCStudio project
    • spiflash_writer.out is placed in the Debug directory
  • Re-compiling DSP UBL should typically not be needed. If required, refer to "Additional Procedures" section of PSP User's Guide.
  • To compile ARM UBL
    • open board_utils/armubl/ubl.pjt in CCStudio v3.3
    • Build the Project like any other CCStudio project
    • ubl-spi.bin file is placed in the board_utils/armubl directory
  • To compile U-Boot:
    • untar board_utils/u-boot-1.3.3.tar.gz
    • Make sure MontaVista tools are in $PATH
    • change to u-boot-1.3.3 directory and issue:
make distclean
make da830_omapl137_config
    • u-boot.bin in created in top level directory
  • To compile Linux:
    • install mvl_5_0_0_demo_lsp_setuplinux_02_20_X_X.bin; untar the kernel.
    • change to linux-2.6.18_pro500 directory and issue:
make distclean ARCH=arm CROSS_COMPILE=arm_v5t_le
make da830_omapl137_defconfig ARCH=arm CROSS_COMPILE=arm_v5t_le
make uImage ARCH=arm CROSS_COMPILE=arm_v5t_le- 
    • uImage in created in arch/arm/boot directory

Recording of the Presentations

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