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PDK/PDK TDA Software Developer Guide

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The Texas Instruments Platform Development Kit (PDK) is a single scalable software driver package that offers streamlined development across different TDAx ADAS Processors. The PDK package contains Device Abstraction Layer libraries and peripheral/board level sample/demo examples that demonstrate the capabilities of the peripherals on TDAx platform for development, deployment and execution of applications.

TDA2xx, TDA2Px, TDA2Ex and TDA2Ex_17x17 are high-performance, automotive vision application devices. The architecture is designed for Advanced Driver Assistance applications, including Vision Analytics for Single/Dual Front Camera, LVDS/Ethernet Surround View, Night Vision, Blind Spot Detection, Sensor Fusion and LIDAR, among others, and best-in-class CPU performance, video, image, and graphics processing sufficient to support.

TDA3x complements the TDA2x ADAS device family by using a common architecture, enabling scalability from entry to high performance for a broad range of applications. The device family is targeted at ADAS applications including Front Camera, Intelligent Rear Camera, Radar and Mirror Replacement.

The PDK package includes the following, though not all features are applicable across all supported platforms:

  • Chip support libraries, drivers, and basic board-support utilities (CSL)
  • Video Processing Subsystem drivers (VPS)
  • Bootloaders and boot utilities (SBL)
  • Power management drivers (PM)
  • Inter-processor communication for communication across cores and devices (IPC-Lite)
  • BSP Drivers: UART, I2C and McSPI GIO/IOM TI SYSBIOS drivers
  • IP Diagnostics libraries
  • Demonstrations and examples


The purpose of this guide is to quickly provide the information you need most while evaluating and developing applications on a TI embedded processor, specifically running embedded real-time operating system. It is not intended to be a thorough design document. As such, the focus is on application programming interfaces (API), build information, and examples to use as a template to start development.


Getting Started Links
Release Notes Datasheet
Directory Structure Overview Building the PDK
BSP/STW to PDK Migration Guide
Component User Guide
Other Links
Application Notes Frequently Asked Questions
Guide: To Apply Patches PDK Getting started
PDK Patches [Technical Support]

Acronyms and Definitions

The following acronyms are used throughout this document.

Acronym Meaning
CCS Texas Instruments Code Composer Studio
CG Tools Code Generation Tools
CSL Chip Support Library
CSL-FL Chip Support Library - Functional Layer
CSL-RL Chip Support Library - Register Layer
DSP Digital Signal Processor
EVM Evaluation Module, hardware platform containing the Texas Instruments DSP
IPC Inter-Processor Communication
JTAG Joint Test Action Group
PDK Platform Development Kit
PM Power Management
TI Texas Instruments
VPS Video Processing Subsystem
SBL Secondary Boot Loader