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Perf value line easylink

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Performance and Value Line EasyLink Software Examples

The EasyLink software example demonstrates a simple RF link with minimal code overhead. It is intended to provide a simple starting point for application development using any of TI's sub-1GHz Low Power transceivers. The packet format is compatible with the packet format used by SmartRF Studio and the program can be used to transmit/receive packets to/from SmartRF Studio using “Typical settings”. The typical settings can easily be exported to the code example using the “Register Export” function in SmartRF Studio.

The software example is written for IAR Embedded Workbench. A free code size limited version is availible; IAR Embedded Workbench Kickstart for MSP430,and can be used to run the EasyLink software example.

EasyLink Versions

The EasyLink Software Example is made available for several transceivers on different platforms (evaluation boards):