Processor SDK Android Directory Structure

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Android Software Developer's Guide Directory Structure

The Processor SDK for Android contains the following top-level directories and files

Directory structure android.PNG

These directories contain the code and tools used to develop for Processor SDK Android devices.

  • android-devkit - Contains the cross-compile toolchain and libraries to speed development for the target device.
  • bin - Contains the helper scripts for flashing the eMMC on the development device as well as the Android Debug Bridge (adb) tool.
  • board-support - Contains the SDK components that need to be modified when porting to a custom platform. This includes the kernel, boot loader, Android Open Source Project filesystem, as well as any out of tree drivers.
  • docs - Contains various SDK documentation such as the software manifest and additional user's guide. This is also the location where you can find the training directory with the device training materials.
  • filesystem -
  • Makefile - Provides build targets for many of the SDK components from the top-level of the SDK.
  • Rules.make - Sets default values used by the top-level Makefile as well as sub-component Makefiles.
  • - Runs the script (found in bin/) to flash the eMMC of the connected device using the files in the board-support/prebuilt-images/ directory.