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Processor SDK Libraries

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Starting in v4.3, Processor SDK documentation is no longer hosted on processors wiki.

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TI Processor SDK libraries contain computationally intensive arithmetic operations optimized for TI platforms. The libraries are delivered within the Processor-SDK Linux and/or RTOS.

Available Libraries

The table below lists currently available libraries and the corresponding information - whether they are included in Proc-SDK Linux or RTOS, supported devices, and documentation links.

Library Proc-SDK Linux Proc-SDK RTOS Supported Devices Documentation
MATHLIB No Yes K1/K2/AM57x MATHLIB Documentation
DSPLIB No Yes K1/K2/AM57x DSPLIB Documentation
IMGLIB No Yes K1/K2/AM57x IMGLIB Documentation
LibArch Yes Yes C6678(RTOS)/K2H(Linux)/AM572x(Linux) LibArch User's Guide
FFTLIB Yes Yes C6678(RTOS)/K2H(Linux)/AM572x(Linux) FFT User's Guide
LINALG Yes Yes C6678(RTOS)/K2H(Linux)/AM572x(Linux) LINALG User's Guide

Processor SDK libraries can be categorized into two groups, general purpose libraries and high performance or application specific libraries.

General Purpose Libraries

These libraries are delivered with TI C66x object code and included in Processor-SDK ROTS. For development in Processor-SDK Linux, they can be downloaded from the links listed above and used in any C66x DSP code.

High Performance or Application Specific Libraries

  • LibArch: Library Architecture and Framework, an abstraction layer for multi-core DSP library development.
  • FFTLIB: optimized library for performing fast Fourier transform.
  • LINALG: optimized library for performing dense linear algebra computations.

These libraries are available in both Processor-SDK RTOS and Processor-SDK Linux.

Library Usage

Libraries can be used in either Processor-SDK RTOS or Processor-SDK Linux.

Using Libraries in Processor-SDK RTOS

The following diagram illustrates the software stack of various components including libraries provided with the Processor-SDK RTOS.

Lib sw stack rtos.jpg

Using Libraries in Processor-SDK Linux

The following diagram illustrates the software stack in Processor-SDK Linux environment, taking LINALG as an example. Applications access the libraries on the host (ARM) side, and the actual computation may be executed on ARM or DSP according to configuration and problem size. This is explained in detail in each library's documentation page.


Delivery Format

All libraries are delivered with both source code and object code. The source code can be recompiled according to the instructions given in each individual library's documentation.