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Processor SDK Linux Filesystem

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Starting in v4.3, Processor SDK documentation is no longer hosted on processors wiki.

Please bookmark the new links:

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Linux Software Developer's Guide Filesystem


The Processor SDK Linux provides Filesystem Images that contain programs, scripts, Linux user-space components that abstract various hardware accelerators available in the SoC. The Filesystem can be fully assembled via Yocto, following the instructions Processor_SDK_Building_The_SDK.

Filesystem Images

There are two filesystem images provided in the SDK. You'll find them at the SDK Installation directory/filesystem folder.


This is the barebones images, intended to be a starting point for users to add packages and create a custom filesystem that suits their project needs.


This is the complete filesystem image, that contains standard Linux commands and features. This also contains the TI component libraries, binaries and out of box examples. For keystone devices (e.g., K2H/K2K, K2E, K2L, and K2G), two filesystem tarballs are provided due to size limit of the rootfs ubi image:

  • tisdk-server-rootfs-image-k2g-evm.tar.gz: base filesystem image used to create the ubi image.
  • tisdk-server-extra-rootfs-image-k2g-evm.tar.gz: complete filesystem image that can be used with NFS and/or SD card (K2G only).

Key components in the Filesystem

OpenCL, OpenMP, OpenMP Accelerator

See OpenCL Runtime Documentation

OpenCV with DSP Offload

OpenCV (Open Source Computer Vision Library) provides several hundreds of computer vision algorithms with strong focus on real-time applications. TI’s OpenCV implementation further offloads signal-processing-rich algorithms to DSP for TI's ARM-DSP devices (e.g., AM57X, K2H/K2H, K2E, K2L, K2G). Please refer to OpenCV for more details.


Multimedia decoding and encoding on IVA (Image and Video Accelerator) and video processing on VPE (Video Processing Engine). ARM based Gstreamer plugins are provided to abstract the hardware accelerator offload. Please refer to Multimedia Training for details.

GUI Framework

QT5 based graphics development tools, demos and libraries are included in the filesystem on Sitara devices. Please refer to the QT5 Documentation for details.

Graphics and Display

TI Sitara SOCs like AM355x, AM437x and AM57xx are enabled with 3D cores, capable of accelerating 3D operations with dedicated hardware and the Display Sub-System (DSS). Please refer to the following link for Graphics and Display support in details. Processor Linux SDK Graphics and Display

Target Compilation


gdb, gdbc6x, dsptop

Out of Box Examples

Processor SDK Linux Example Applications User's Guides lists demo applications and examples available for the platforms supported in Processor SDK Linux releases.

Miscellaneous Documentation


Processor SDK Linux
Processor SDK Linux