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Processor SDK Linux Kernel

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Starting in v4.3, Processor SDK documentation is no longer hosted on processors wiki.

Please bookmark the new links:

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Linux Software Developer's Guide Linux Kernel


  • Each Processor SDK Kernel interface has a centralized information wiki page that covers the following areas, overview, application, debug and porting. Each Kernel interface will have:
    • Overview - Describes the capabilities of the interface and references the HW Technical Reference Manual [TRM]
    • Application - Documents the applications provided with the SDK. Links to other open source applications that are typical for a particular interface may also be provided.
    • Debug - Links to articles that are how=tos on assessing an interface's operation or common diagnostics of a particular interface.
    • Porting - Describes the steps involved and where to find reference material necessary to port this interface to a custom board.

Links Description
Kernel Users Guide Provides instructions for building the kernel and device tree binaries
Kernel Release Notes Kernel Release Notes
RT Kernel Release Notes RT Kernel Release Notes
Kernel Performance Guide Peripheral and Processor performance information.
RT Kernel Performance Guide RT Peripheral and Processor performance information.
LTP-DDT Linux Test Project - Device Driver Tests, run on Processor SDK Linux
Kernel FAQs Frequently asked questions about Linux kernel

Just click on the link in the table below to take you to the page.

ADC Audio Crypto CAN Camera
DMA EMAC GPIO External Memory Controller I2C
Mailbox Display MMC/SD Power PWM
Real Time Clock SPI Timer Touchscreen USB
Watch Dog Timer UART Video PCIe