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Processor SDK Linux Kernel Release Notes

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Starting in v4.3, Processor SDK documentation is no longer hosted on processors wiki.

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Last updated: 04/17/2018

Linux Kernel Release Notes

Build Information

The kernel git repository, branch and commit id can be found below:
Based on Version: 4.9.59
URL: git://
Branch: processor-sdk-linux-04.02.00
Commit ID: a75d8e93056181d512f6c818e8627bd4554aaf92

Compiler Information: arm-linux-gnueabihf-gcc (Linaro GCC 6.2-2016.11) 6.2.1 20161016
Compiler Download Location:

Information on how to download and build the kernel can be found here:

Generic Kernel Release Notes

Generic kernel release notes from can be found at:
Archived versions can be found at:

Known Issues

Key Priority Summary Component/s Subcomponent Platform Workaround
LCPD-9877 P2-High rtc alarm does not wakeup board from poweroff state Power & Thermal omapl138-lcdk
LCPD-10862 P2-High Customer adding VLANs is not seeing correct tagging on ingress/egress Connectivity
LCPD-10859 P2-High AM5728 PCIe unstable: PCIe USB card stopped when doing ethernet bandwidth test using iperf3 Connectivity am57xx-evm
LCPD-10809 P2-High AM437x USB RNDIS Host Fails with AM437x Client/gadget Connectivity USB am43xx-gpevm
LCPD-10411 P2-High Pcie-ep: pcitest: Read/write/copy tests timeout with legacy IRQ Connectivity k2g-evm
LCPD-9972 P2-High Soft reboot failed on k2g-evm with class 10 SD cards Connectivity k2g-evm
LCPD-7903 P2-High Uboot phy startup failed and dhcp failed occasionally on k2 board Connectivity k2g-evm, k2hk-evm
LCPD-10975 P2-High EDAC support is disabled Baseport am574x-idk, am574x-hsidk, k2e-evm, k2e-hsevm, k2g-evm, k2g-hsevm, k2g-ice, k2hk-evm, k2hk-hsevm, k2l-evm, k2l-hsevm Apply the patch linked in the resolution, or do the following kernel .config change manually:CONFIG_EDAC=y, CONFIG_EDAC_TI_MC=y
LCPD-10976 P2-High Weston memory leak related to HDMI hotplug Audio & Display, Graphics am57xx-evm
LCPD-10927 P3-Medium Thermal_zone reach critical temperature and shutting down on am574x-idk Power & Thermal am574x-idk
LCPD-9527 P3-Medium Potential deadlock reported by pm_suspend on am335x Power & Thermal am335x-evm, am335x-sk, beaglebone, beaglebone-black
LCPD-7670 P3-Medium AM43xx: pm debug counters are wrong Power & Thermal am437x-idk, am437x-sk
LCPD-7314 P3-Medium Active power is slighly higher than on 2015 LTS release (Linux 4.1) Power & Thermal am335x-evm
LCPD-7256 P3-Medium Board sometimes hangs after suspend/resume cycle Power & Thermal am335x-evm, am43xx-gpevm, am57xx-evm
LCPD-7165 P3-Medium Board hangs on standby state sometimes Power & Thermal am335x-evm, am43xx-gpevm
LCPD-7144 P3-Medium System refuse to freeze sometimes and suspend is aborted Power & Thermal am335x-evm, am335x-ice, am335x-sk, am437x-idk, am437x-sk, am43xx-gpevm, am571x-idk, am572x-idk, am57xx-evm, beaglebone, beaglebone-black, omapl138-lcdk
LCPD-6427 P3-Medium vpe fails to suspend sometimes Power & Thermal am571x-idk, am572x-idk, am57xx-evm
LCPD-1245 P3-Medium AM335x: Power: Reverse current leakage on poweroff Power & Thermal am335x-evm
LCPD-1204 P3-Medium AM335x - Some voltage rails remain active during poweroff Power & Thermal
LCPD-965 P3-Medium AM335x: Power: Poweroff is not shutting down voltage domains Power & Thermal
LCPD-10987 P3-Medium OpenCL tests failed due to missing CMEM carveouts in dts IPC, System Integration OpenCL am574x-idk
LCPD-9481 P3-Medium Sometime the system hangs while loading the rpmsg rpc modules IPC RPMSG-RPC am571x-idk, am572x-idk, am57xx-evm, am57xx-hsevm
LCPD-10974 P3-Medium am43xx-gpevm - usb camera gadget shows halting frames Connectivity
LCPD-10863 P3-Medium am574x-idk: MMC speed is lower than expected in Uboot Connectivity am574x-idk
LCPD-10843 P3-Medium prueth: fix probe crash when unable to allocate sram memory Connectivity
LCPD-10794 P3-Medium prueth: iperf udp test shows packet loss at low traffic rate such as 50Mbps Connectivity am335x-ice, am437x-idk, am571x-idk, am572x-idk, k2g-ice
LCPD-10781 P3-Medium NetCP module removal results in backtrace and kernel panic Connectivity k2g-evm
LCPD-10777 P3-Medium mtd_stresstest failed on omapl138 Connectivity omapl138-lcdk
LCPD-10668 P3-Medium Ethernet boot: Sometimes the board could not boot uboot from Ethernet on k2g-evm Connectivity k2g-evm
LCPD-10551 P3-Medium K2E eth0 does down when running udp traffic, eth1 stops working Connectivity k2e-evm
LCPD-10221 P3-Medium Longer resume times observed on setup with usb device cable Connectivity am335x-evm
LCPD-10212 P3-Medium omapl138: Modprobe g_zero leads to a cppi trace - no seeming loss of functionality Connectivity omapl138-lcdk
LCPD-10211 P3-Medium omapl138-lcdk: USB Video capture does not work for larger than 320x240 resolution Connectivity omapl138-lcdk
LCPD-10210 P3-Medium omapl138: USB ECM ethernet interface is missing - config option Connectivity omapl138-lcdk
LCPD-10013 P3-Medium dhcp failed in uboot sometimes Connectivity am572x-idk
LCPD-9974 P3-Medium PCIe x2 width is not at expected width on am571x-idk Connectivity am571x-idk
LCPD-9905 P3-Medium AM437x: UART: Implement workaround for Advisory 27 – Spurious UART interrupts when using EDMA Connectivity UART am43xx-gpevm
LCPD-9816 P3-Medium USBdevice omapl138 - Flood ping from server to dut usbdevice at 65500 bytes Connectivity omapl138-lcdk
LCPD-9815 P3-Medium Failed to start Login Service when using debug systest build on omapl138 Connectivity omapl138-lcdk
LCPD-9804 P3-Medium SATA performance decreased by ~34% for read and ~54% for write compared to v2.6.33 kernel Connectivity omapl138-lcdk
LCPD-9658 P3-Medium OMAP-L138 LCDK: MUSB does not enumerate mouse connected to Keyboard hub Connectivity USB omapl138-lcdk
LCPD-9591 P3-Medium CONNECTIVITY: USB NCM gadget ping with packet sizes > 10000 fails Connectivity
LCPD-9539 P3-Medium dhcp does not work after soft reboot Connectivity k2g-evm
LCPD-9469 P3-Medium Fix race condition when adding VLAN entries Connectivity NETCP k2e-evm, k2g-evm, k2g-ice, k2hk-evm, k2l-evm
LCPD-9466 P3-Medium SATA PMP causes suspend failures Connectivity am57xx-evm
LCPD-9455 P3-Medium Kernel Warning reported for a USB audio device when listing with pulseaudio Connectivity USB am335x-evm
LCPD-9428 P3-Medium Ethernet performace UDP: iperf command fails with two threads for lower buffer length Connectivity k2e-evm, k2hk-evm, k2l-evm
LCPD-9372 P3-Medium Nand stress tests failed on am335x-evm Connectivity am335x-evm
LCPD-9366 P3-Medium PCIe USB drive sometimes could not be enumerated Connectivity k2g-evm
LCPD-9287 P3-Medium Long boot delays observed sometimes, caused by slow NFS mounting Connectivity am335x-evm, am57xx-evm
LCPD-9011 P3-Medium K2G-evm: usb devices do not enumerate behind a TUSB8041 usb3.0 hub Connectivity
LCPD-8984 P3-Medium Kernel boot with initramfs results in no DHCP IP address assigned to network interfaces Connectivity NETCP k2e-evm, k2l-evm
LCPD-8637 P3-Medium K2HK: Long-term ping test fails due to ethernet link going down Connectivity
LCPD-8636 P3-Medium Serial corruption being seen in kernel Connectivity am335x-evm
LCPD-8417 P3-Medium Add PINMUX support for netcp driver Connectivity NETCP k2g-evm
LCPD-8354 P3-Medium K2G EVM: Need to use PMT data Audio & Display, Baseport, Connectivity k2g-evm
LCPD-8353 P3-Medium K2G ICE: Need to use PMT data Audio & Display, Baseport, Connectivity k2g-ice
LCPD-8133 P3-Medium USB: "cannot reset" errors observed sometimes Connectivity am335x-evm
LCPD-8100 P3-Medium CONNECTIVITY: K2G ethernet performance numbers are low Connectivity k2g-evm
LCPD-8033 P3-Medium AM3 SK: Unexpected USB2-1 Messages on UART Connectivity USB
LCPD-7973 P3-Medium am437x-sk-evm: mmc: rootfs on 2GB Sandisk sdcard doesn't work Connectivity MMC am437x-sk
LCPD-7955 P3-Medium Uncorrectable Bitflip errors seen after switch to SystemD Connectivity GPMC am335x-evm, am43xx-gpevm, k2e-evm, k2g-evm, k2g-ice, k2hk-evm, k2hk-hsevm, k2l-evm Workaround to erase the NAND flash completely if flashed with an incompatible flash writer. SystemD tries to mount all partitions and that is the reason this is being seen now.
LCPD-7829 P3-Medium uboot: UHS card did not work on the expected speed in uboot Connectivity am57xx-evm
LCPD-7744 P3-Medium UHS SDR104 card works on different speed after soft reboot Connectivity am57xx-evm
LCPD-7623 P3-Medium Seeing SPI transfer failed error sometimes on k2hk when using rt kernel Connectivity k2hk-evm
LCPD-7613 P3-Medium Ethernet on port eth1 unstable - possibly iodelay value issue Connectivity, System Test am57xx-evm
LCPD-7559 P3-Medium K2E/K2HK does not enumerate usb3 devices through usb3.0 hub Connectivity k2e-evm, k2hk-evm
LCPD-7547 P3-Medium uboot nand write hangs for big size on k2g Connectivity k2g-evm
LCPD-7366 P3-Medium uboot McSPI driver drives multiple chip selects simultaneously Connectivity
LCPD-7266 P3-Medium CONNECTIVITY: USB RNDIS performance issues in 4.4 kernel Connectivity
LCPD-7265 P3-Medium Uboot eMMC does not use HS200 on am57xx-gpevm Connectivity am57xx-evm
LCPD-7146 P3-Medium AM437x: USB causes higher suspend power after first iteration Connectivity am43xx-gpevm
LCPD-6334 P3-Medium k2g-evm: NAND is untestable due to data corruption issues Connectivity k2g-evm
LCPD-6300 P3-Medium am57xx-evm: A few UHS cards could not be numerated in kernel and mmc as rootfs failed. Connectivity am57xx-evm
LCPD-6144 P3-Medium am572x-idk: eMMC failed to enumerate Connectivity am572x-idk
LCPD-5699 P3-Medium pci: am572x-idk: pci broadcom card doesn't enumerate Connectivity AM571x, AM572x
LCPD-5677 P3-Medium K2E-evm: Marvel SATA controller could not be detected sometimes when Power On Reset is involved Connectivity K2E
LCPD-5647 P3-Medium I2C error causes irq flood, freezing the board Connectivity AM437x
LCPD-5522 P3-Medium pcie-usb sometimes the usb drive/stick could not be enumerated Connectivity am571x-idk, am572x-idk, am57xx-evm, am57xx-hsevm
LCPD-5362 P3-Medium MUSB: Isoch IN only utilises 50% bandwidth Connectivity AM335x
LCPD-5308 P3-Medium i897: USB Stop Endpoint doesnt work in certain circumstances Connectivity AM437x, AM571x, AM572x, K2E, K2G, K2HK, K2L
LCPD-4849 P3-Medium K2hk: Connectivity: UART data corruption observed sometimes in loopback mode Connectivity
LCPD-4834 P3-Medium CONNECTIVITY: AM33XX: descriptor warning upon suspend/resume with host and device Connectivity AM335x
LCPD-4503 P3-Medium ALL: 8250 UART driver not enabeld as wake source by default Connectivity
LCPD-1244 P3-Medium AM335x: CONNECTIVITY: Could not flush fifo errors when cable is disconnected during usb transaction Connectivity
LCPD-1239 P3-Medium J6: Connectivity: J6 could not resume when PCI-SATA card is in Connectivity am572x-idk, am57xx-evm
LCPD-1198 P3-Medium am43xx-gpevm:Connectivity: when kmemleak debug is enabled and mmc stress test is run, OOM killer is seen to kick in. Does not happen without kernel debug. Connectivity
LCPD-1144 P3-Medium Logitech USB-PS/2 Optical Mouse cannot be detected every other time the system is suspended/resumed (AM335x-EVM) Connectivity
LCPD-1106 P3-Medium Connectivity:PCIe-SATA ext2 1G write performance is poor due to ata failed command Connectivity am57xx-evm
LCPD-932 P3-Medium AM33X: CONNECTIVITY: MUSB MSC read numbers are lower in 3.14 compared to 3.12 Connectivity
LCPD-869 P3-Medium AM335x: Connectivity: USB data transfer fails if board is suspended/resumed Connectivity
LCPD-816 P3-Medium J6/J6eco:Connectivity:PCIe-PCI eth bridge doesn't work on J6/J6eco Connectivity
LCPD-666 P3-Medium AM33X: CONNECTIVITY: gstreamer usb video with 10000 frames Connectivity
LCPD-662 P3-Medium CONNECTIVITY: AM335X: distortion in USB audio when msc connect/disconnect happens in parallel Connectivity
LCPD-556 P3-Medium ALL: CONNECTIVITY: Interrupt pacing for small window sizes has fluctuating throughput Connectivity
LCPD-553 P3-Medium AM33XX: CONNECTIVITY: RNDIS performance drops after revert of advisory revert Connectivity
LCPD-10533 P3-Medium Cryptos: SHA1_Hash demo test fails on AM3/4/5 platforms Baseport am335x-evm, am335x-ice, am43xx-gpevm, am571x-idk, am572x-idk, am57xx-evm
LCPD-10451 P3-Medium Context switch delay increased based on LMBench numbers Baseport am335x-evm, am43xx-gpevm, am571x-idk, am572x-idk, am574x-idk, am57xx-evm
LCPD-9981 P3-Medium Some LTP's memory management tests fail due to low amount of free memory Baseport omapl138-lcdk
LCPD-9980 P3-Medium LTP's math tests float_exp_log and float_trigo fail due to OOM Baseport omapl138-lcdk
LCPD-9756 P3-Medium pm_runtime does not kicks in for some IPs (serial, gpio and wdt) Baseport omapl138-lcdk
LCPD-8640 P3-Medium Crypto performance for AES drops 3-10% in 2016.05 Baseport
LCPD-8406 P3-Medium K2G: PADCONFIG_202 register cannot be re-programmed Baseport k2g-evm, k2g-ice This has proven to be a silicon issue related to locking RSTMUX. It is currently being discussed if it will be fixed in a newer silicon revision. Currently to avoid this issue the affected pins pinmux are not changed in the kernel. This is because U-boot locks RSTMUX which causes problems if the kernel tries to change the pinmuxing for the pins.
LCPD-8350 P3-Medium UART boot does not work on am57xx-evm Baseport am57xx-evm
LCPD-8347 P3-Medium BUG: sleeping function called from invalid context triggered by keystone_pcie_fault Baseport k2e-evm, k2g-evm
LCPD-8336 P3-Medium Soft reboot does not work on am43xx-hsevm rev1.5b Baseport am43xx-hsevm
LCPD-8257 P3-Medium Boot failed 1 of 1000 times on k2g Baseport k2g-evm
LCPD-7824 P3-Medium LTP MM: system allowed 2 more memory map entries than /proc/sys/vm/max_map_count Baseport am335x-evm, am43xx-gpevm, am57xx-evm, k2hk-evm
LCPD-7519 P3-Medium dfu_get_buf return error when use dfu to update mmc card Baseport, Connectivity am335x-evm
LCPD-7486 P3-Medium uboot debug with ccs is failing for K2 Baseport k2hk-evm
LCPD-7340 P3-Medium No Pin Mux (PMT) Data available Baseport am571x-idk
LCPD-7222 P3-Medium Asynchronous abort seen during soft reboot from kernel Baseport k2g-evm
LCPD-6998 P3-Medium K2G sometimes boot failed with kernel oops error Baseport k2g-evm
LCPD-6663 P3-Medium [RT] Kmemleak is buggy and boot is crashed randomly Baseport, Connectivity
LCPD-5537 P3-Medium kmemleak: Could not scan kmemleak due to object search tree errors Baseport AM571x, AM572x
LCPD-615 P3-Medium ALL:BASEPORT: Opening several RTC nodes leads to failure Baseport
LCPD-614 P3-Medium ALL:BASEPORT: RTC allows to be written to in RDONLY mode Baseport
LCPD-10963 P3-Medium Possible memory leaked observed during stress testing mode setting Audio & Display Display am335x-evm
LCPD-10954 P3-Medium DSS sync-losts and underflows seen with bad config Audio & Display Display am437x-sk
LCPD-10921 P3-Medium Writeback capture with interlace does not work Audio & Display Display, Writeback am571x-idk, am572x-idk, am574x-idk, am574x-hsidk, am57xx-evm, am57xx-hsevm
LCPD-8871 P3-Medium DSS underflows seen on K2G at boot time Audio & Display Display am43xx-epos, am43xx-gpevm
LCPD-8550 P3-Medium CPSW memory allocation errors seen during boot Audio & Display, Baseport am335x-sk
LCPD-8078 P3-Medium AM3 SK: Touchscreen isn't responsive Audio & Display, Connectivity am335x-sk
LCPD-7735 P3-Medium Powerdomain (vpe_pwrdm) didn't enter target state 0 Audio & Display, Power & Thermal am57xx-evm
LCPD-7696 P3-Medium VPE: File2File checksum changes across multiple runs Audio & Display am571x-idk, am572x-idk, am57xx-evm, am57xx-hsevm There is no workaround for this issue yet
LCPD-7693 P3-Medium VIP: OV1063x: Video artifacts in LVDS cameras Audio & Display Capture
LCPD-6377 P3-Medium OMAP_BO_CACHED feature not functional Audio & Display, Multimedia Display am437x-idk, am437x-sk, am43xx-gpevm, am43xx-hsevm, am571x-idk, am572x-idk, am57xx-evm, k2g-evm
LCPD-5380 P3-Medium omapdss error: HDMI I2C Master Error Audio & Display AM572x Occurs only with this monitor -
LCPD-4858 P4-Low Power: pm_debug state counters are not increased during suspend Power & Thermal AM335x, AM437x
LCPD-4779 P4-Low coreaon, wkupaon and rtc power domains OFF counters are increasing during SUSPEND Power & Thermal AM571x, AM572x
LCPD-1191 P4-Low AM335x: Power: System resumes due to wakeup source USB1_PHY without any external trigger Power & Thermal Use GPIO interrupt instead of USB PHY for wakeup source.
LCPD-1013 P4-Low AM335x: Power: Seldom short-duration power increase (~38mw) in VDDSHV4 domain Power & Thermal
LCPD-747 P4-Low Power: cpuidle states shows bogus power in stats Power & Thermal am437x-idk, am437x-sk, am43xx-gpevm, am43xx-hsevm
LCPD-565 P4-Low AM43xx: Power & Thermal: Board hangs in suspend state if function_graph tracer is enabled Power & Thermal
LCPD-287 P4-Low am335x: Power & Thermal: pm_debug stats might not be updated Power & Thermal
LCPD-10455 P4-Low remoteproc/keystone: Hang observed while running RPMSG_PROTO example app IPC DSP_remoteproc k2g-evm, k2g-ice, k2hk-evm, k2l-evm
LCPD-9801 P4-Low remoteproc/davinci: DSP boot is broken after a suspend/resume cycle IPC DSP_remoteproc omapl138-lcdk
LCPD-7495 P4-Low Sometimes a Kernel Warning + Oops is seen when removing keystone_remoteproc module IPC k2hk-evm
LCPD-4855 P4-Low [rpmsg 2015 LTS] J6Eco: IPC: Board hangs when an MMU fault occurs in the first message IPC am572x-idk
LCPD-4699 P4-Low rpmsg-rpc: kernel crash during error recovery with dynamic debug traces enabled IPC am571x-idk, am572x-idk, am57xx-evm
LCPD-9589 P4-Low I2C: Sometimes i2c read write failed on farm01 and farm02 Connectivity am335x-evm
LCPD-9414 P4-Low Seldom backtraces originated from xhci_enable_device during resume (<0.1% of the time) Connectivity am43xx-gpevm
LCPD-9222 P4-Low PRUSS Ethernet does not work on AM572x ES1.1 Connectivity PRUSS-Ethernet am572x-idk
LCPD-8987 P4-Low There is timeout error occasionaly when do mkfs.ext2 on emmc Connectivity am43xx-gpevm
LCPD-8477 P4-Low K2: serdes nodes doesn't have a functional clock Connectivity k2e-evm, k2e-hsevm, k2g-evm, k2g-ice, k2hk-evm, k2hk-hsevm, k2l-evm, k2l-hsevm
LCPD-8270 P4-Low K2: SerDes driver need to enable PD of the peripheral before access the SerDes h/w Connectivity k2g-evm
LCPD-7998 P4-Low Realtime OSADL Test results degraded slightly for am572x-idk Connectivity am572x-idk
LCPD-7480 P4-Low K2L/E EVMs doesn't boot to Linux when both 1G Ethernet interfaces are connected Connectivity k2e-evm, k2l-evm
LCPD-7188 P4-Low PCIe-SATA test failed Connectivity am57xx-evm TI custom board would help with signal integrity issues being seen with the EVM.
LCPD-6882 P4-Low musb: ASIX usb-ethernet dongle unable to rx udp packets when behind a hub Connectivity USB am335x-evm, am335x-ice, am335x-sk
LCPD-1207 P4-Low AM43XX/AM57XX: CONNECTIVITY: dwc3_omap on am43xx and xhci_plat_hcd - removal results in segmentation fault Connectivity
LCPD-998 P4-Low MUSB does not free urbs causing usb audio playback to fail Connectivity AM335x
LCPD-983 P4-Low AM335XX: disconnect and reconnect hub with usb camera during test Connectivity
LCPD-937 P4-Low am43xx-epos:Connectivity:QSPI big size and stress RW tests fail due to data mismatch Connectivity
LCPD-868 P4-Low AM437x: Connectivity: USB dev node is not restored after resume from standby or suspend state Connectivity
LCPD-727 P4-Low J6:Connectivity:SATA readwrite tests sometimes fail and dut hangs with cpuidle enabled Connectivity
LCPD-671 P4-Low AM33XX: CONNECTIVITY: MUSB in PIO mode - video issues Connectivity
LCPD-617 P4-Low J6: CONNECTIVITY: I2C functional test for PER_PWRDM counters failes Connectivity
LCPD-525 P4-Low AM438x: Connectivity: I2C operates 9% beyond desired frequency Connectivity
LCPD-11003 P4-Low AM33xx DDR DPLL incorrect setting Baseport am335x-evm
LCPD-10223 P4-Low Keystone-2 Linking RAM region 0 size register REGION0_SIZE programming Baseport k2hk-evm
LCPD-7703 P4-Low K2G boot failed 4 of 100 times when using mmcsd as rootfs when using a particular SD card Baseport, Connectivity k2g-evm
LCPD-6075 P4-Low BUG: using smp_processor_id() in preemptible [00000000] code during remoteproc suspend/resume Baseport, IPC am572x-idk, am57xx-evm
LCPD-9436 P4-Low DRM: plane zorders must be unique Audio & Display Display am571x-idk, am572x-idk, am57xx-evm, am57xx-hsevm
LCPD-9098 P4-Low Writeback: error prints seen when doing wb capture Audio & Display Capture, Display, Writeback am571x-idk, am572x-idk, am57xx-evm
LCPD-8884 P4-Low VIP does not work after incorrectly configuring captured YUYV frame as NV12 Audio & Display Capture, VIP
LCPD-5059 P4-Low omapdrm: moving plane from one enabled display to another causes errors Audio & Display Display
LCPD-4681 P4-Low omapdrm: an error when enabling a display is not handled correctly Audio & Display Display
LCPD-1171 P4-Low DMM errata i878 (framebuffer part) Audio & Display Display, TILER am571x-idk, am572x-idk, am57xx-evm