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Linux Software Developer's Guide Tools

There are many tools available to help with Linux development on TI platforms. From Code Composer Studio, an Eclipse IDE that can be used for debug and development, to scripts and production tools, you'll find a variety of help on this page.

Development Tools Flash Tools Code Composer Studio
Processor SDK Linux Top-Level Makefile Sitara Uniflash Quick Start Guide Processor Linux SDK CCS Installation Guide
Processor SDK Linux GCC Toolchain Sitara Linux AM335x Flash Programming Linux Development Processor Linux SDK CCS Compiling Guide
Creating SD Cards Processor SDK Linux U-Boot Remote Explorer Setup with CCS
Processor SDK Linux Setup Script Pin Mux Tools GDB Setup with CCS
  AM35x/AM37x/AM335x Pin Mux Utility User's Guide Kernel Debugging with CCS
    Sitara Devices Gel Files