Processor SDK Linux U-Boot Release Notes

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Last updated: 09/25/2017

uBoot Release Notes

Build Information

Head Commit: 590c7d7fe15d06a4d708403d3234bcd01cd039e1 arm: am33xx: security: Fix size calculation on header
Date: Tue Aug 15 12:39:42 CDT 2017
uBoot Version: 2017.01
uBoot Description: v2017.01-359-g590c7d7

Clone: git://
Branch: ti-u-boot-2017.01
uBoot Tag: ti2017.03

Board configs built:

  • am43xx_evm_defconfig
  • am57xx_evm_defconfig
  • am335x_boneblack_defconfig
  • am335x_evm_defconfig
  • k2e_evm_defconfig
  • k2e_hs_evm_defconfig
  • k2g_hs_evm_defconfig
  • k2hk_hs_evm_defconfig
  • k2g_evm_defconfig
  • k2hk_evm_defconfig
  • k2l_evm_defconfig
  • am43xx_evm_qspiboot_defconfig
  • am43xx_evm_rtconly_defconfig
  • am43xx_evm_usbhost_boot_defconfig
  • am335x_baltos_defconfig
  • am335x_boneblack_vboot_defconfig
  • am335x_evm_norboot_defconfig
  • am335x_evm_nor_defconfig
  • am335x_evm_spiboot_defconfig
  • am335x_igep0033_defconfig
  • omapl138_lcdk_defconfig
  • am43xx_hs_evm_defconfig
  • am57xx_hs_evm_defconfig
  • am3517_evm_defconfig
  • am335x_shc_defconfig
  • am335x_shc_ict_defconfig
  • am335x_shc_netboot_defconfig
  • am335x_shc_prompt_defconfig
  • am335x_shc_sdboot_defconfig
  • am335x_shc_sdboot_prompt_defconfig
  • am335x_sl50_defconfig
  • am335x_hs_evm_defconfig
  • am335x_hs_evm_uart_defconfig

Known Issues

Key Priority Summary Component/s Subcomponent Platform Workaround
LCPD-10702 P2-High AM571x IDK: pruss1_eth is not initialized and the corresponding eth ports are not up Connectivity u-boot am571x-idk Apply patch;a=commit;h=fc1fdcdf0836820062a49c81374277a59a8c5a91
LCPD-10413 P3-Medium Cache misaligned messages seen during non HS boot Connectivity u-boot am57xx-evm, am571x-idk, am572x-idk
LCPD-10233 P3-Medium U-boot: Using DM_I2C in SPL is broken Connectivity am335x-evm, am335x-ice, am335x-sk, am43xx-gpevm, am437x-idk, am437x-sk, am57xx-evm, am571x-idk, am572x-idk, beaglebone, beaglebone-black
LCPD-10232 P3-Medium U-boot: Using DM_NAND in SPL is broken Connectivity am335x-evm, am43xx-gpevm
LCPD-9556 P3-Medium U-boot SPL build fails due to sram size limit when work path is long Baseport, System u-boot am335x-evm
LCPD-9369 P3-Medium AM437x GP EVM older PG version Uboot UART boot fails intermittently Baseport u-boot
LCPD-8701 P3-Medium Soft reboot broken Baseport UBOOT k2g-ice
LCPD-8393 P3-Medium u-boot ramfs boot does not work Baseport u-boot k2g-evm
LCPD-8123 P3-Medium K2G: MSMC: Memory seen by USB controller not cache-coherent Baseport UBOOT k2g-evm
LCPD-7864 P3-Medium U-Boot: Ethernet boot fails on AM335x and AM437x Connectivity am335x-evm, am335x-ice, am335x-sk, am43xx-gpevm, am437x-idk, am437x-sk
LCPD-7772 P3-Medium K2L/K2E: U-Boot: net: dhcp not working when both slave ethernet are connected to ethernet switch Connectivity UBOOT k2e-evm, k2l-evm
LCPD-7206 P3-Medium [ENET Boot] PA can get stuck in transitional state, so force power off Connectivity UBOOT k2hk-evm
LCPD-5612 P3-Medium k2g_evm: Strange ethernet behavior seen in u-boot after warm reset when using netcp Connectivity K2G
LCPD-5517 P3-Medium Board fails to load bootloader sometimes when eSATA is connected Connectivity UBOOT AM572x
LCPD-5416 P3-Medium U-BOOT: K2G: "reset" fails for certain SD cards Baseport UBOOT K2G
LCPD-5320 P3-Medium Update K2G Pinmuxing in U-boot with buffer class settings Baseport K2G
LCPD-5116 P3-Medium BBB: U-Boot: Board fails to acquire dhcp address sometimes Connectivity UBOOT AM335x
LCPD-4817 P4-Low am57xx-evm: uboot: usb failed to detect Kingston DataTraveler usb msc device Connectivity UBOOT AM572x