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Processor SDK RTOS AUDK2G AddOn

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Starting in v4.3, Processor SDK documentation is no longer hosted on processors wiki.

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RTOS Software Developer Guide AUDK2G AddOn


This page describes the unit test for the Audio Daughter Card for K2G (AUDK2G) AddOn provided in the Processor-SDK for RTOS. This unit test implemented the audio loopback between the ADC_IN1-4 to DAC_OUT1-4 on AUDK2G.

The key functions in this unit test include:

  • Use board library to initialize the K2G EVM
  • Setup the PinMux for K2G EVM and the AUDK2G
  • Allocate the data buffers needed
  • Initialize the McASP and EDMA
  • Start the infinite loop for continious loopback

This unit test utilizes other Processor SDK features/components:

  • Board Library for K2G platform initialization
  • AUDK2G Library for PinMux, McASP/EDMA setups

Currently, the following device and EVM are supported:

  • K2G, on the K2G EVM with AUDK2G


The following materials are required to run this unit test:


  • K2G EVM
  • Audio Daughter Card (AUDK2G)


  • Processor-SDK RTOS (3.2 or greater)
  • Code Composer Studio 6.1.3

How to Build the Unit Test


For Linux:

  • Under pdk_k2g_<version>/packages directory, run the following commands:
  cd pdk_k2g_<version>/packages/ti/addon/audk2g/
  make clean
  make all
  • The OUT file (audioAnalogLoopbackTest.out) for DSP will be built at pdk_k2g_<version>/packages/ti/addon/audk2g/test/analog/loopback/build/make

For Windows:

  • Under pdk_k2g_<version>\packages directory, run the following commands:
  cd pdk_k2g_<version>\packages\ti\addon\audk2g\
  gmake clean
  gmake all
  • The OUT file (audioAnalogLoopbackTest.out) for DSP will be built at pdk_k2g_<version>\packages\ti\addon\audk2g\test\analog\loopback\build\make

How to Run the Unit Test

The unit test works on the K2G EVM with an AUDK2G connected.

The following section provide detailed steps for K2G EVM

  • Follow this link ( to get target configuration setup correctly
  • Connect to the on board emulator (J1 on K2G EVM) to your PC USB
  • Plug power adaptor(12V) into the K2G EVM and power on the EVM
  • Launch the target configuration file using "Launch Selected Configuration" from CCS 6.1.3
  • Then "Connect to C66xx_DSP"
  • Load the audioAnalogLoopbackTest.out from pdk_k2g_<version>/packages/ti/addon/audk2g/test/analog/loopback/build/make
  • Run the program (loaded previously) by pressing F8
  • The program will print out the instructions on how to verify the loopback physically
        Audio DC Analog Loopback Test       
  Test Verifies ADC and DAC Channels 0 to 3
  Test Runs in Audio Loopback Mode
  Confirm that ADC Input Audio is Played at DAC Channels 0 to 3
  Audio Connection Details
  ADC_IN 0 ==> DAC_OUT 0
  ADC_IN 1 ==> DAC_OUT 1
  ADC_IN 2 ==> DAC_OUT 2
  ADC_IN 3 ==> DAC_OUT 3