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Processor SDK RTOS Examples and Demonstrations

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Starting in v4.3, Processor SDK documentation is no longer hosted on processors wiki.

Please bookmark the new links:

RTOS Software Developer Guide Examples and Demonstrations

The SDK comes with some simple examples to get started using the software and IDE. The demonstrations contain a richer set of software and perform more complex features. If new to the SDK, it is suggested to go through the examples and demos before writing your application.

Application Description AM335x EVM AM437x EVM AM57x EVM K2x EVM C66x EVM OMAPL13x EVM
GP ICE SK BBB GP IDK SK GP IDK K2H K2E K2L K2G C665x C667x OMAPL137x/C6747x OMAPL138x/C6748x
Image Processing Demo The image processing demonstration utilizes SDK features such as multi-core A15 and DSP, optimized C66x IMGLIB, IPC, and UIA logging. X X X X
POSIX-SMP Demo The Posix-SMP demonstration uses Posix APIs together with a simple benchmark (Dhrystone) to automatically calculate the effective throughput of all the cores in each SMP cluster. (NOTE: SMP mode only applies to devices with ARM-A15 multiple cores.) X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X
Audio Benchmark Starterkit The Audio Benchmark starter-kit demonstration provides quick and easy way to run core-benchmarks on the DSP for algorithms that are commonly used in audio applications. X X X X X
Audio Pre-Processing Demo The Audio Pre-Processing demonstration provides an example for speech recognition application development by illustrating the integration of Beamforming (BF), Adaptive Spectrum Noise Reduction (ASNR), and Multiple Source Selection (MSS) components. X X X
Big Data IPC Example The big data ipc examples are created mainly to show exchange of big data buffers between cores in a multi core system. X X X X X X
TI-RTOS Kernel Example The RTOS examples gets user started with development of code using the TI-RTOS real-time operating system. These are simple examples that does not get into details of software components provided in the SDK. X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X
No OS (Bare Metal) Example The bare-metal examples gets user started with development of code without an operating system. These are simple examples that does not get into details of software components provided in the SDK. (NOTE: This example does not require the SDK to be installed, only the CCS IDE to communicate with the target.) X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X
Gravity Simulator Demo The RTOS Gravity Simulator Demo demonstrates the usage of an open sourced library combined with RTOS drivers to create a vibrant display. This showcases the usage of VPS LLD with CPU-generated display that is both variable and updated continuously. X
RTOS Template Application The RTOS template application is intended for customers to use as a starting point during software development using Processor SDK RTOS software. The template application can be quickly brought up by importing the included CCS project into CCS development environment. X X

The source files for the demonstrations can be found in the demos folder of the top-level RTOS SDK directory:

 [SDK Install Path]/processor_sdk_rtos_<platform>_<version>/

The default SDK Install Path is C:\TI for Windows and /home/[user]/ti for Linux.