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Starting in v4.3, Processor SDK documentation is no longer hosted on processors wiki.

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RTOS Software Developer Guide MCBSP


User Interface




The multichannel buffered serial port (MCBSP) peripheral allows direct interface to other TI DSPs, codecs, and other devices in a system. The primary use for the MCBSP is for audio interface purposes. The following sub sections explain the hardware (MCBSP peripheral) and software context of the MCBSP LLD.

The device driver exposes a set of well-defined APIs which are used by the application layer to send and receive data via the MCBSP peripheral. The driver also exposes a set of well-defined OS abstraction APIs which are used to ensure that the driver is OS independent and portable. The MCBSP driver uses the CSL MCBSP register layer for all MCBSP MMR access. The MCBSP driver also interfaces with the EDMA3 library to be able to transfer data to and from MCBSP peripheral and data memory.

Driver Configuration

The MCBSP Driver initialization API needs to be called only once and it initializes the internal driver data structures like device objects. Application developers need to ensure that they call the MCBSP Driver Init API before they call the MCBSP Device Initialization. Following API is used to initialize the MCBSP Driver

int32_t mcbspInit (void)
MCBSP Peripheral Configuration

The MCBSP driver provides a sample implementation sequence which initializes the MCBSP IP block. The MCBSP Device initialization API is implemented as a sample prototype:

void McbspDevice_init (void)

For details about individual fields of this structure, see the Doxygen help by opening PDK_INSTALL_DIR\Packages\ti\drv\MCBSP\docs\doxygen\html\index.html.


API reference for application:

#include <ti/drv/MCBSP/mcbsp_drv.h>


Expected Results
MCBSP_Example application

Example demonstrating sample MCBSP loopback test. Reference example for developers

Additional References

Document Location
API Reference Manual $(TI_PDK_INSTALL_DIR)\packages\ti\drv\MCBSP\docs\doxygen\html\index.html
Release Notes $(TI_PDK_INSTALL_DIR)\packages\ti\drv\MCBSP\docs\ReleaseNotes_MCBSP.pdf