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Starting in v4.3, Processor SDK documentation is no longer hosted on processors wiki.

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RTOS Software Developer Guide NWAL


User Interface




The NWAL (Network Adaptation Layer) driver provides a well-defined set of APIs which could be used for applications interfacing with NetCP (Network Coprocessor) module in Keystone family of SOCs (C66x, K2x).

Driver Features

  • Initialization of NetCP low level driver resources
  • Initialization of Packet DMA related resources associated with NetCP
  • Classification of incoming packets based on L2: MAC header fields
  • Classification of incoming packets based on L3: IPv4/IPv6 header fields
  • Routing of packets to host based on L4: UDP/TCP/GTP-U
  • Unidirectional IPSec SA creation and deletion
  • In band offload of IPSec encryption/decryption for the outgoing packets
  • Access to SA data mode acceleration for data plane applications.
  • Supports offload of the following features to NETCP Hardware during transmission of packets:
    • IPv4 checksum/L4:TCP/UDP checksum/IPSec Encryption
    • Redirection of packets through a specific MAC port
    • Software Insertion of L2/L3/L4 header
  • Upon reception of packet, module provides additional meta data details including:
    • Status of IP checksum/UDP/TCP checksum results
    • Offset to L2/L3/L4 protocol offsets. Appropriate layer offset will be valid only if classification or routing is enabled at NETCP
    • Ingress MAC port information

Modes of Operation

Following modes of operations are supported by NWAL when sending control configuration request to configure NetCP firmware. BLOCKING Mode: In this mode, status of API request used to configure NetCP is returned back in API call context.

Non-BLOCKING Mode: In this mode, application can invoke a separate poll routine to retrieve status response result.

Driver Configuration

The driver configures the NWAL subsystem using the nwalGlobCfg_t structure.

This structure must be initialized before the nwal_create() function API is called and cannot be changed afterwards. For details regarding individual fields of this structure, see the Doxygen help by opening PDK_INSTALL_DIR\packages\ti\drv\nwal\docs\doxygen\html\index.html.


API reference for application can be found in below file:

#include <ti/drv/nwal/nwal.h>


Expected Results
nwalUnitTest Application

Unit Test application to test all APIs

User observes the output printed over the CCS console

Additional References

Document Location
API Reference Manual $(TI_PDK_INSTALL_DIR)\packages\ti\drv\nwal\docs\doxygen\html\index.html
Release Notes $(TI_PDK_INSTALL_DIR)\packages\ti\drv\nwal\docs\ReleaseNotes_NWAL_LLD.pdf