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Starting in v4.3, Processor SDK documentation is no longer hosted on processors wiki.

Please bookmark the new links:

RTOS Software Developer Guide POST


User Interface




The Power-On Self Test (POST) boot is designed to execute a series of platform/EVM factory tests on reset and indicate a PASS/FAIL condition using the LEDs and write test result to UART. A PASS result indicates that the EVM can be booted. POST is supported on K2H/K2E/K2L/C66x devices, this functionality is provided on other devices (e.g., AM57x) by Diagnostics.

POST will perform the following functional tests:

  • External memory read/write test
  • NAND read test
  • NOR read test
  • EEPROM read test
  • UART write test
  • LED test

Additionally, POST provides the following useful information:

  • FPGA version
  • Board serial number
  • Indication of whether SA is available on SOC
  • PLL Reset Type status register


The recommended rule-of-thumb to compiling projects in the Processor SDK RTOS package is to use the makefiles provided. The makefiles are usable after setting up your shell/terminal/command prompt environment with the setupenv.bat or script located in

 [SDK Install Path]/processor_sdk_rtos_<platform>_<version>

Refer to Processor SDK RTOS Building the SDK guide on how to setup your environment for building within any of the Processor SDK RTOS packages.

To compile the POST application:

 cd [SDK Install Path]/pdk_<platform>_<version>/packages/ti/boot/post/<platform>/build
 make all

This will create the .out executable that can be loaded via CCS

Flashing POST Image

To flash a bootable image of POST, please refer to the SDK RTOS Flashing Bootable Images guide.

C66x LED Code

For C66x, the on-board LEDs can also provide diagnostic information on POST routines. Refer to the following table:

Test Result LED1 LED2 LED3 LED4
Test in progress on on on on
All tests passed off off off off
External memory test failed blink off off off
I2C EEPROM read failed off blink off off
EMIF16 NAND read failed off off blink off
SPI NOR read failed off off off blink
UART write failed blink blink off off
PLL initialization failed off off blink blink
NAND initialization failed blink blink blink off
NOR initialization failed off blink blink blink
EMAC loopback failed on blink blink blink
Other failures blink blink blink blink