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RTOS Software Developer Guide PRUSS_SORTE


User Interface




The Simple Open Real-time Ethernet protocol (SORTE) serves as an example for Texas Instruments programmable approach to real-time communication for input/output (IO) networks with a maximum of 254 devices. This protocol is fully documented and released in source code. It is open to customers to learn, adapt and enhance the protocol for their application requirements. SORTE is not bound to a given communication standard and breaks some of the limits of existing standards such as minimum Ethernet frame size, addressing and error detection. The primary use case of the protocol is to connect different end-equipment using Ethernet physical layer devices and 100 Mbit Ethernet cable.

Protocol Overview

The SORTE protocol is a TI-developed industrial Ethernet protocol that supports 4-µs cycle time. The SORTE protocol operates on the PRU-ICSS, which is an industrial peripheral within Sitara and KeyStone processors from Texas Instruments. SORTE protocol operates exclusively on the PRU-ICSS; therefore, the ARM Cortex-A8, A9 or A15 processors – depending on the device family – are available for industrial applications. The SORTE protocol differentiate between two network components: the master and one or more slave devices. For in depth details of the protocol please refer to the the design documents as listed in the References section below.

Code Organization

THE SORTE ARM application and firmware sources can be found under the following directory :


Refer to the README.txt in this directory for details of directory layout.

In addition, there is a README.txt which provides high-level over of how the protocol is implmented for master and slave device network compoments which can be found at:



Building the Examples

Pre-requisites to Building

  1. Set your environment using Building the Firmware binaries and ARM application uses the same environment variables as the pruss driver library build. Refer to the Processor SDK RTOS Building page for information on setting up your build environment.

Compiling the PRUSS SORTE Firmware

To build the SORTE firmware binaries:

  1. cd <PDK>/packages/ti/drv/pruss
  2. make firm

This will make the firmware binaries which will be located in:


Compiling the PRUSS SORTE Application

To build the SORTE ARM applications:

  1. cd <PDK>/packages/ti/drv/pruss
  2. make apps

This will make the ARM applications for both master and slave device which will be located in:



Supported EVMs

The following is a list of EVMS supported and the PRU-ICSS ethernet ports to be used:

EVM Name PRU-ICSS Instance Port0 Port1
icev2AM335x PRU-ICSS instance 1 J1 J2
idkAM437x PRU-ICSS instance 2 J6 J9
idkAM571x PRU-ICSS instance 2 J6 J8
idkAM572x PRU-ICSS instance 2 J6 J8
iceK2G PRU-ICSS instance 2 J8A J8B

Running the PRUSS SORTE Example

In order to run the SORTE applications, you will require 1 EVM running as master and 2 EVMs running as slave(slave1/slave2). Use CCS to load and run the master and slave applications respectively.

Prior to running the applications its best to connect the EVMS as follows:

Connect master Port0 to slave1 Port0. Connect slave1 Port1 to slave2 Port0.

Note that the master device will wait until it discovers 2 slave devices in the network. UART console on the master will print the following until 2 slave devices are detected:

sorte master: waiting for atleast 2 SLAVE devices connected

Once 2 slave devices are detected by the master, the following print will be seen on UART console and master will continue with state machine and protocol processing:

sorte master: 2 SLAVE devices connected

The slave device via the UART console will continuosly display the number of packets its received during input output exchange state of the protocol until pass criteria is reached as follows(as an example):

sorte slave: test in progress: current receive packet count: 35000

sorte slave: test in progress: current receive packet count: 40000

Once pass criteria number of packets have been received, the following print will be displayed on UART console:

All tests have passed

Additional Reference

Document Location
SORTE Master with PRU-ICSS Reference Design
SORTE Slave Device with PRU-ICSS Reference Design