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RTOS Software Developer Guide Related Software

This page provides a collection links to additional software elements that may be of interest for the Processor SDK RTOS package.

Software Description
PRU-ICSS Industrial Software The PRU-ICSS protocols enable real-time industrial communications for TI Sitara processors. Built on top of Processor SDK, they contain optimized PRU-ICSS firmware, a corresponding PRU-ICSS driver for the ARM processor, and example applications.
Security Accelerator 3GPP Enabler LLD Download page for SA 3GPP Enabler designed to be used along with SA LLD 3.x package, delivered as part of Processor-SDK-RTOS release, to enable 3GPP functionality.
Telecom Libraries TI software folder for information and download of Telecom Libraries (Voice, Fax, etc) for TI processors.
c66x Speech and Video Codecs TI software folder for information and download of Speech and Video codecs for c66x.