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Processor SDK RTOS WDT

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Starting in v4.3, Processor SDK documentation is no longer hosted on processors wiki.

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RTOS Software Developer Guide WDT


User Interface




The Watchdog Timer Module provides configuration and use of the watchdog timer mode for the DSP local timers. The watchdog mode is a 64-bit timer mode for the local timers.

Modes of Operation

Following modes of operations are supported

  • DEFAULT_NO_OUTPUT_EVENT: Default on system reset, WD timeout causes no output event
  • LOCAL_RESET_INPUT: WD timeout causes local reset input to CorePac
  • NMI_INPUT: WD timeout causes NMI input to CorePac
  • NMI_INPUT_PLUS_LOCAL_RESET_INPUT: WD timeout causes an NMI input followed by a local reset input. The delay between the NMI and the local reset is configurable.
  • DEVICE_RESET: WD timeout event causes a device reset.

Resets can be configured as a hard or soft reset.

Driver Configuration

Watchdog Timer Configuration Structure

The watchdog timer configuration is passed at the time of the WatchdogTimer_Init() function call and cannot be changed afterwards. For details about individual fields of the configuration structure, WatchdogTimer_InitCfg, see the Watchdog Timer XDC by opening [PDK_INSTALL_DIR]\packages\ti\instrumentation\wdtimer\WatchdogTimer.xdc.


API reference for application:

#include <ti/instrumentation/wdtimer/WatchdogTimer.h>
Initialize a Watchdog Timer
 memset((void *)&wdCfg, 0, sizeof(WatchdogTimer_InitCfg));
 wdCfg.wdPeriodLo = ...;
 wdCfg.wdPeriodHi = ...;
 /* Initialize and start the timer */

At this point the watchdog timer is enabled and running.

Service Watchdog Timer

The watchdog timer must be serviced prior to the configured period in order to avoid a timeout. The following API is used to service the watchdog timer, resetting the count back to zero.



Expected Results
Watchdog Timer Test Application

Tests configuration and expiration of DSP watchdog timers. Reference test for developers.

Watchdog timer expires on all DSP cores.

See ti/instrumentation/wdtimer/test/README.txt for more details.

Additional References

Document Location
API Reference Manual $(TI_PDK_INSTALL_DIR)\packages\ti\instrumentation\wdtimer\docs\doxygen\html\index.html
Release Notes $(TI_PDK_INSTALL_DIR)\packages\ti\instrumentation\wdtimer\docs\ReleaseNotes_WatchdogTimer.pdf