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Programmable Realtime Unit Software Development

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Content is no longer maintained and is being kept for reference only!
For the most up to date PRU-ICSS collateral click here


This page contains links to important topics for programming the Programmable Real-time execution units (PRU) of the Programmable Real-time Unit Subsystem (PRUSS) found on OMAP-L1x8/C674m/AM18xx devices (where m is an even number).

  1. PASM - PRU Assembler
  2. PRU Assembly Reference Guide
  3. Advanced PRU Assembly Topics
  4. PRU Assembly Instruction Set Description
  5. Debugging PRU Assembly Code

PRU Linux Loader

The installation instructions and user guides for the PRU Linux loader can be found here.

Tools Download

The development package for the PRU can be found here.

Text Editor Syntax Highlighting

See here for info on how to make some popular text editors highlight the PASM syntax.