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Programming Asynchronous EMIF on OMAP-L13x / C674x / AM1x

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Configuring the CEnCFG Register for NAND Connectivity

The External Memory Interface A (EMIFA) can be used to connect to asynchronous memory such as NAND Flash. The controller has a configuration register (CEnCFG) which contains, among other fields, the setup strobe and hold timings used to interface with the external memory.

The spreadsheet provided takes as inputs the AC characteristics data from both the TI SOC and the external NAND Flash. It outputs the calculated value that should be programmed into the CEnCFG register of the EMIFA controller. The datasheet is prefilled with values from a Micron NAND Flash and the OMAP-L138.


File:NandFlash Register Calc


  • OMAP-L138 Data Sheet (OMAP-L138)
  • TMS320C674x/OMAP-L1x/AM18x Processor EMIFA Memory Controller User's Guide (SPRUFL6F)
  • TMS320DM6446 Processor EMIFA Memory Controller User's Guide (SPRUE20C)
  • Micron MT29F2G08AABWP NAND Flash (MT29F2G08AABWP)