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Project Build Configurations

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If you ever had the need to constantly switch between pre-configured sets of project options in the same project, then this page is for you.


During development, it is not uncommon to have the need to create a single project that builds executables (.out files) with different project options, source files and even for completely different memory configurations. Typically most IDEs have this capability, and in CCS and Eclipse this is called Project Build Configurations or, simply, build configurations.

A Project Build Configuration defines a set of build options at the project level that can be labeled and easily accessible with a very minimal number of steps. Therefore, by creating multiple build configurations it is possible to organize and quickly switch between different sets of options, instead of changing each one individually all the time or maintaining multiple projects.

Another important feature is the Resource Configurations. It allows excluding or including source files per build configuration, thus allowing maximum customization per build configuration.

Every project created with the CCS Project wizard comes by default with two build configurations: Debug and Release. The Debug build configuration usually has no optimization and full symbolic debug enabled. This is done this way so the code can be easily debugged. Release build configuration will often have optimization enabled and symbolic debug disabled. This is when you want your code as small or as fast as possible you do not plan on doing source level debug.


The pages below are useful resources related to the procedure shown at this page:

Using Project Build Configurations

Please check the tutorial video below that shows the procedure to create a project and configure it to use the build configurations for a multicore device. It also covers the selection of source files through the Resource Configurations capability.

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To learn how to automate the launch of the debugger with multiple cores, check the tutorial clip below:

To learn how to customize the launch of the debugger with different Build Configurations, check the tutorial clip below: