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Projectless Debug

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Code Composer Studio v5 allows you to load a .out file without having to build first. Basically, you can connect to your device, load a .out and continue on. This wiki shows you how.

First step - Creation of a Target Configuration

The first step is to create a target configuartion. This is done by File->New Target Configuration File. This will bring up the following dialogue boxes to complete/create a target configuration for your setup.



Launching the Configuration

The next step is to launch the target configuration. Open the target configurations by selecting View->Target Configurations. This brings up the box as shown below. Right click on your desired configuration and select "Launch selected configuration"


Connect to the Device

This will take you to the debug perspective as shown below. Right-click the device core (listed as "TI MSP430 USB1_0/MSP430" in the image below) and select "Connect Target". This will establish the connection between the host PC and the target device.


Load Code

Select Run->Load->Load Program. Select your .out and continue on.