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RCE - Remote Chronos Entry

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The RCE system consists of two parts. A Chronos running the standard firmware enhanced with the RCE functions and a receiver based on one EM430F6137RF900 Evaluation Module. The EM board is connected to additional hardware to switch 12V loads and to be able to take 12V input levels. For prototyping purpose an existing relays board was used. There are Eagle files for a MOSFET based extension board which plugs seamlessly onto the EM board available. This board is yet to be manufactured so proper function can not be guaranteed.

For the final version a one board solution is planned.


  • Peter Seibold ([1])


  • No more unnecessary key fobs
  • Only one button for locking/unlocking
  • Highly customizable and extendable
  • Adaptable to any central locking system


Usage Instructions

The RCE system has to be connected to an existing central locking system. It then provides wireless locking/unlocking functions with flashing indicators. With the MOSFET load switches left it can easily be extended to activate chirp sounds, headlights, interior lighting and close electric windows. The RCE firm- and hardware was designed with the high quality accessory central locking system MagicLock by WAECO in mind. But because of the simplicity of the receiver's firmware it should be easy adaptable to any central locking system.

Demo FW

The source zip file contains a receiver firmware, that works without additional hardware. Flashed onto an EM board it can be used to demonstrate the principal functions of the receiver. When a valid package is received it will change state indicated by flashing the green LED once or twice depending on the state it is changing into. To get working RF communication make sure that the same values for the frequency registers are set/selected within the RfRegSettings.c for Chronos and receiver FW. The chronos FW active build configuration does not yet set the RCE frequency, so the values have to be changed by hand. For best results choose a frequency both end's antennas are designed for. State changes forced by opening the car with a key can be simulated with the onboard switch. If pressed the receiver will also change state but without flashing. The current state is displayed by the red LED which is flashing if locked and is off when unlocked.

Source Code

Zip file containing Chronos firmware extension and RCE receiver sources:


Download Eagle schematic and layout files for the EM430F6137 Extension Board including libraries for TI components like the Power MOSFET with 8SON package and UCC27423x mosfet driver here: