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Release Notes for release


This release includes the Linux graphics drivers for the OMAP35x/AM35x/37xx family of chipsets. The Graphics SDK contains documentation, demo programs and tools.

Important Note:

AM/DM37x support is included for internal development only.

Requirements, Pre-requisites and demo instructions

For software setup and pre-requisites and other instructions, refer to the main pages at,


Features in this release

  • [NEW] Support for SGX core revision 1.2.5
  • [NEW] Support for the higher performance AM37xx platform added
  • [NEW] Support for auto detection of SGX core revision instead of depending on SOC version for installation
  • [NEW] Updated IMG DDK version 1.4.2616
  • [NEW] Dual packages available - OMAP35x_Graphics_BIN_** package without the GFX_Linux_SDK folder (reduced download size), and OMAP35x_Graphics_SDK_*** package containing the full install including the GFX_Linux_SDK folder with the tools and demos.
  • Imagination SDK 2.5 version containing new 3D demos including Coverflow
  • Updated glext.h with imgstream extensions that enable users to create optimised applications for texturing

Kernel, Toolchain used for validation

  • Tested with 2.6.32 kernel PSP 05
    • Display drivers with DSS2 support ie, CONFIG_OMAP2_DSS=y)
  • Code-sourcery 2009Q1 toolchain
  • Arago filesystem from PSP package

The kernel was taken from the below tree (Feb/Mar 2010),


The release has also been tested with PSP release PSP-SDK- version.

What is supported

Khronos API support

  • OpenGL ES 1.1
  • OpenGL ES 2.0
  • OpenVG 1.1 (Using CPU for majority of the tasks)
  • EGL
  • Limited 2D acceleration via PVR2D API

Window Systems

The following Window Systems are supported, on Linux:

  • Null Window System (with Pixmap support)
  • X11 Window System

Buffer Swap modes

The following modes of buffer swapping are supported,

  • Front (1 buffer), Flip (chained buffers), and FB

Selection of these modes is done via entries in /etc/init.d/powervr.ini. Please refer to Online GSG (Main page).


  • BufferClass extension support is enabled. All other entries can be queried using standard EGL APIs.

What is not supported

  • Power Management features are not fully validated.
  • Kernel configured without DSS2 framework support, will not work with the current display class driver.

Additional Packages

Demonstration packages for Texture streaming extension are available at the below link,

Benchmarking packages for SGX functionalities and APIs are available at,

Fixed in this Release

  • [SDOCM00063809],[SDOCM00063885]Crash issue in debug build of the drivers.
  • [SDOCM00063806],[SDOCM00063857],[SDOCM00063810],[SDOCM00066309][SDOCM00061112] Artifacts/issues in some IMG demo applications.

Limitations/ Known Issues

  • [SDOCM00061522] FrontEGL mode of swapping buffers may show artifacts (ex, lines at the top), when operating with DVI output.
  • [SDOCM00061276] Texturing via glTexImage2D will result in CPU utilisation depending on size of texture.
  • Using OpenVG will result in CPU utilisation depending on complexity of Vector Graphics operations.
  • [SDOCM00063852] bc_example.ko is not installed as it is not supported, but default rc.pvr from IMG will refer to this. Please use updated bufferclass_ti driver.
  • [SDOCM00063807] All SDK demos should be exited by pressing 'q'. Ctrl-C can result in unknown behaviour after the closure.
  • [SDOCM00063803][SDOCM00068497][SDOCM00063885]OGLESShadowTechniques demo will hang and reboot is required, Some IMG demos will not work in debug mode, Some IMG demos do not work in ES2.1 debug mode.
  • [SDOCM00068377] Error messages printed while using debug mode binaries, but demos continue to run.
  • [SDOCM00068272],[SDOCM00068322] Blue line on top of DVI display for PolyBump demo, thin line on top for sgx_render_flip_test demo

Installation and Usage

Please look for detailed installation and usage instructions in the Getting Started Guide (Main page).


The folders in the installed package contain binaries for several family of devices containing the SGX530 core. Brief description of these folders is below.

Graphics SDK folder contents
Folder Name Description Used by
1 gfx_dbg_es2.x / gfx_rel_es2.x Debug/Release binaries for platforms having SGX core revision 1.0.3 (OMAP35x ES version 2.0) How to check?
2 gfx_dbg_es3.x / gfx_rel_es3.x Debug/Release binaries for platforms having SGX core revision 1.2.1 (OMAP35x ES version 3.1) How to check?
3 gfx_dbg_es5.x / gfx_rel_es5.x Debug/Release binaries for platforms having SGX core revision 1.2.5 (AM37xx/DM37xx) How to check?
4 GFX_Linux_KM Source for Graphics Kernel Modules Contains kernel dependent code, changes depending on Linux kernel used
5 GFX_Linux_SDK Demos, Training courses, PVR Tools,classes and header files Used for building new applications (Available only in the SDK package, not in the BIN package)
6 include Contains updated header file for GL extensions, specifically the buffer class streaming extension Useful for video texturing applications involving bufferclass driver
7 tools Contains devmem2, and other packages Useful for running/debugging/benchmarking of Graphics SDK