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Release Notes for release


This release includes the Linux graphics drivers for the SGX530 family of chipsets AM35x/37xx, AM335x, 387x(TI814x)/389x(TI816x).The Graphics SDK contains documentation, demo programs and tools.

Validation information

1. This is an alpha release and has been sanity tested on AM335x EVM & AM43x EVM only.
2.When building for AM43x EVM, please set the below environment variable

export GFX_REL_ES9_LIB_SRCPATH=<Graphics SDK installation path on your machine>/gfx_rel_es9.x 
export GFX_DBG_ES9_LIB_SRCPATH=<Graphics SDK installation path on your machine>/gfx_dbg_es9.x

The above is required for AM43x (OMAPES=9.x build) only
For eg if Graphics SDK has been installed onto /home/user/Graphics_SDK_5_00_00_01 on your machine then you will be setting as
export GFX_REL_ES9_LIB_SRCPATH=/home/user/Graphics_SDK_5_00_00_01/gfx_rel_es9.x
Replace the Graphics SDK installation path in above example with the actual path as on your machine in above command
You can also add below 2 lines in Graphics SDK release Rules.make file & follow the build step as usual


Installation and Usage

Please look for detailed installation and usage instructions at below link-

Features in this release

  • NEW - AM43x support - Tested on EPOS & GP-EVM.
  • NEW - 3.12 kernel support - Tested on AM43x & AM335x GP-EVM with kernel tree, branch, SGX DT patch as mentioned below.
  • NEW - Integration with reset driver framework for both AM43x & AM335x.
  • Based on 1.10 RC DDK (1.10@2359475)
  • PowerVR SDK 3.0


Kernel(Linux PSP) versions supported or used for validation

Only the following devices have been tested & details below -

1.Ensure the reset controller driver is enabled in kernel menuconfig if not enabled by default as below-

2.Apply the SGX DT patches present in the include/patches folder of this release package to kernel sources & then build the kernel.


  • Linaro 4.7.3 hardfp toolchain(arm-linux-gnueabihf-) was used for creating this release package.

What is supported

Khronos API support

  • OpenGL ES 1.1
  • OpenGL ES 2.0
  • EGL
  • Limited 2D acceleration via PVR2D API

Window Systems

The following Window Systems are supported, on Linux:

  • Null Window System

Buffer Swap modes

The following modes of buffer swapping are supported,

  • Front (1 buffer), Flip (chained buffers)

Selection of these modes is done via entries in /etc/powervr.ini. Please refer to http://processors.wiki.ti.com/index.php/SGXDbg#WindowSystem


  • IMG propreitary Bufferclass texture streaming enabled by default.

What is not supported

  • Power Management features are not validated.
  • Kernel (for OMAP35x/AM35x/37xx) configured without DSS2 framework support will not work with the current display class driver.
  • Xorg driver build (SUPPORT_XORG=1) not supported.
  • Debug build is meant for debug/testing purposes only & should not be used for measuring performance.

Debugging SGX driver related issues

For debugging issues with SGX driver and frequently asked questions, please go through

Fixed in this Release

  • [SDOCM00105178] - AM43x Flip mode (vsync) performance issue.
  • [SDOCM00104619, SDOCM00104858] - Fix for mutex recursive locking warning observed on insertion of SGX KM driver modules & on running pvrsrvctrl.
  • [SDOCM00104506] - AM335x -Crash observed on issuing reboot command while gfx application running

Limitations/ Known Issues

  • This is an alpha release & has been sanity tested only.


The folders in the installed package contain binaries for several family of devices containing the SGX530 core. Brief description of these folders is below.

Graphics SDK folder contents
Folder Name Description Used by
2 gfx_dbg_es3.x / gfx_rel_es3.x Debug/Release binaries for platforms having SGX core revision 1.2.1 (AM35xx) How to check?
3 gfx_dbg_es5.x / gfx_rel_es5.x Debug/Release binaries for platforms having SGX core revision 1.2.5 (AM37xx) How to check?
4 gfx_dbg_es6.x / gfx_rel_es6.x Debug/Release binaries for 38xx(387x,389x) devices (SGX core revision 1.2.5) 38xx How to check?
4 gfx_dbg_es8.x / gfx_rel_es8.x Debug/Release binaries for 335x devices (SGX core revision 1.2.5) AM335x EVM
4 gfx_dbg_es9.x / gfx_rel_es9.x Debug/Release binaries for 43xx devices (SGX core revision 1.2.5) AM43x EVM
5 GFX_Linux_KM Source for Graphics Kernel Modules Contains kernel dependent code, changes depending on Linux kernel used
6 GFX_Linux_SDK Demos, Training courses, PVR Tools,classes and header files Used for building new applications (Available only in the SDK package, not in the BIN package)
7 include Contains updated header file for GL extensions, specifically the buffer class streaming extension Useful for video texturing applications involving bufferclass driver
8 tools Contains devmem2, and other packages Useful for running/debugging/benchmarking of Graphics SDK