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Tiva C Series documnetation has replaced Stellaris documentation for all LM4F series parts

Now that you are familiar with your Tiva C Series LaunchPads and have completed Project 0,it's time to prepare for lift off! In order to become a Tiva C Series expert, we will have to spend some time with some Tiva C Series documentation. The most important documentation resources are the device Data Sheet and the TivaWare for C Series Peripheral Driver Library User’s Guide.

Tiva C Series Device Data Sheets

Tiva C Series Data Sheets are designed to provide you with all of the information you need to understand how the device operates in one document. The data sheet provides complete and detailed information on the functional description and register configuration for the ARM Cortex™-M core as well as all of the on-chip peripherals for a specific device. Complete electrical specifications and package information are also provided.

Meet your new best friend = Tiva C Series TM4C1294NCPDTI Microcontroller Data Sheet
Meet your new best friend = Tiva C Series TM4C123GH6PMI Microcontroller Data Sheet

At first glance, the Data Sheet may be an intimidating document. However, with some practice the Data Sheet will be a handy resource during your coding adventures!

TivaWare for C Series Peripheral Driver Library User’s Guide

"I’m more of a software engineer. I just want to know how to program the device. Do I have to read the whole data sheet?" Absolutely not. We designed TivaWare for C Series so that you would be able to quickly and easily program Tiva C Series devices without knowing how every register bit operates. Even better, all TivaWare for C Series software has a free license and royalty-free use to allow the creation of full-function, easy-to-maintain code. The TivaWare for C Series Peripheral Driver Library User’s Guide provides detailed descriptions on how to properly use the Driver Library APIs, allowing you to quickly launch your custom application.

Meet your other new best friend = TivaWare for C Series Peripheral Driver Library User’s Guide

Where Can I Find Code Examples?

TivaWare for C Series comes with a wide variety of code examples. You can download the entire TivaWare for C Series package for all of our evaluation kits (recommended) or just the examples for the Tiva C Series TM4C123G LaunchPad.

Examples for the Tiva C Series TM4C123G LaunchPad are installed to C:\ti\TivaWare_C_Series_<version>\examples\boards\ek-tm4c123gxl by default. The <version> tag in this directory is the version number for the TivaWare release. The examples for other evaluation kits (also found in the 'examples\boards' directory) must be modified to operate on the TM4C123GH6PMI microcontroller, but after you get a feel for it with the included examples, you won’t have much trouble making the minor changes.

Other Handy Documents

Looking for more in-depth information? Here are some additional documents that could come in handy:

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