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Rebuilding the Flash and Boot Utils Package

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To rebuild the serial flashing tool on a Windows PC, please follow the instructions

Download the Flash and Boot Utilities

From Sourceforge

For users who are using version 2.36, we strongly recommend upgrading to version 2.40 for a better setup and build experience.

Install and configure the required software


  • Download it here:
  • When installing, add the following packages which are not selected by default:
    • Devel-->make: The GNU version of the 'make' utility
    • Devel-->subversion: A version control subsystem
    • Editor-->vim (or similar)
  • After installing, verify that the variables TMP and TEMP both contain /tmp.
echo $TMP
echo $TEMP
  • Both commands should above should return "/tmp". If some reason they do not you will need to edit the cygwin\home\[user]\.bashrc file to create them:
    • export TMP=/tmp
    • export TEMP=/tmp
  • You will need to restart cygwin after this step.

Microsoft .Net Framework

Compiler Tools

Note that both ARM and C6x compiler tools are required to build all components of the serial flasher, even for ARM-only parts.

ARM Compiler Tools (CodeSourcery G++ Lite)

  • Download the ARM compiler tools here:
    • If using v2.40 or later: Edit the Common/build.mak file to have the correct ARM_TOOLS_PATH and ARM_TOOLS_PREFIX variables
    • If using v2.36 or earlier: Add the bin directory of the ARM cross-compiler tools to the system path environment variable.

C6x Compiler Tools

  • These are available free of charge:
    • If using v2.40 or later: Edit the Common/build.mak file to have the correct DSP_TOOLS_PATH variable
    • If using v2.36 or earlier: Add the bin directory of the TI C6000 Code generation tools to the system path environment variable (i.e. "C:\Program Files\Texas Instruments\C6000 Code Generation Tools 6.1.11\bin")


Since cl6x program (C6000 compiler)is a native windows app, it expects windows include and library search paths hence set DSP_TOOLS_PATH using cygwin path but DSP_LIB_PATH using Windows conventions. The cygwin path will help your make setup find the compiler and the windows library search path will enable the compiler find the rts libraries.

For eg



If you wish to rebuild the CCSv3 projects included in the package from the command-line, you need to have the timake tool in the system path as well. This path is typically <CCSv3 Install Path>\cc\bin.


The CCSv3 projects files can be imported into the newer versions of Code Composer Studio, such as CCS v5.1.0. It is recommended to use the default import options when doing so. Do not copy the project files into your workspace. They should be left in place.

Rebuilding the Flash and Boot Utils package for a particular platform

  • For a particular platform, the extracted package will consist of a 'Common' directory and a '<PlatformName>' directory.
  • Open a Cygwin prompt, which is like a Unix/Linux prompt under Windows.
    • If using v2.36 or earlier, add necessary components to path
      export PATH=<arm-compiler-root>/bin:<C6000-Compiler-Root>/bin:$PATH
    • If using v2.40 or later, edit the ARM_TOOLS_PATH, ARM_TOOLS_PREFIX, and DSP_TOOLS_PATH variables in Common/build.mak as needed for your system
  • Enter into the <PlatformName> directory.
cd <PlatformName>
  • Edit device.mak to include only the part number and flash type required, in order to speed up the build process
vim device.mak
  • [Optional] To rebuild only the command-line tools (not the CCS projects), cd into the GNU directory.
cd GNU
  • [Optional] To rebuild only the CCS projects (requires CCS v3), cd into the CCS directory
cd CCS
  • If you're rebuilding everything then stay in the <Platform> directory
  • Run 'make clean' and 'make'.
make clean
  • If you wish to clean-up already built components, run 'make clean' from the path you wish to clean.

Rebuilding the HexAIS utility for OMAPL13x

HexAIS utility is a boot image generation command line utility provided in the Serial FLash and Boot Utilities package the source for the package can be found in the Common directory in the root directory. The source files are distributed under the AIS and UtilLib directories. The host utility has been written in C#. To rebuild the utility set the environment variables as explained earlier on this wiki. Change the directory to OMAP-L137/GNU/AISUtils/HexAIS and run 'make clean' and 'make'.

Note: You will need to build this utility before trying to build the SFH and SFT packages.