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Reimplementing FrameQ in Classic C

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In SysLink 2.00, the FrameQ modules were implemented twice - once, in Classic C, for the HLOS (Linux), and a second time, using the XDC spec language, for the RTOS (BIOS).

In SysLink 2.10, the RTOS side was changed to Classic C, in an effort to have one implementation shared across HLOS and RTOS. This resulted in some compatibility breaks - specifically in system configuration scripts (e.g. .cfg).

Changes Required

In general, an attempt was made to maintain compatibility. However, due to the nature of XDC spec'd modules, user config scripts require some changes. Namely, when moving from SysLink 2.00 to 2.10, the following lines will need to be removed:

/* user.cfg */
/* remove any of the following lines... */

Also, if users were taking advantage of statically creating FrameQ's or FrameQBufMgr's in their .cfg scripts (most users don't do this), that code will need to be rewritten to dynamically create those objects. The feature to statically create objects was removed with the move away from XDC spec.