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RemoTI-2.0.0-Network Processor Developers Guide

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RemoTI 2.0 follows the Unified Network Processor Interface format as documented in the Unified Network Processor Interface guide.

The specific usage of RTI over NPI is detailed in the RF4CE SubSystem page.

The NPI frame is connected to RTI via ICall with the NPI Task. The connection is made by calling:

  1. NPITask_regSSFromHostCB(RPC_SYS_RCAF, RTI_processRxMsg)

The NPI controls communication with ICall, but the connection just made makes sure it is routed to the two functions:

  1. RTI_processRxMsg()
  2. RTI_processTxMsg()


The following figure provides an example of two APIs:

  • RTI_SendDataReq()
    • Called by host application
  • RTI_SendDataCnf()
    • Called by RF4CE Network and MAC layer stack in response to RTI_SendDataReq().