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RemoTI Certification Test Mode

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In order to sell your RF4CE product in EU and on the North American market, your equipment needs to comply with the regulatory requirements of FCC (Federal Communications Committee), European Commission (R&TTE) and IC (Industry Canada).

During certification it must be possible to set the device in Tx with a given Tx power and channel. RemoTI™ provides an API to do so. This API should not be called while the stack is running as it is using the same resources.

void RTI_TestModeReq(rtiTestModeReq_t *pRtiTestModeReq)

  1. Reset or power cycle device, do not call RTI_InitReq()
  2. Call wanted API RTI_TestModeReq()
  3. Reset or power cycle device before using the stack by calling RTI_InitReq()


Test Mode Description
RTI_TEST_MODE_TX_RAW_CARRIER 0x00 The device will transmit unmodulated carrier with the specified frequency and transmit power
RTI_TEST_MODE_TX_RANDOM_DATA 0x01 The device will transmit pseudo-random data with the specified frequency and transmit power
RTI_TEST_MODE_RX_AT_FREQ 0x02 The device will have the radio placed in receive mode on the specified frequency


Requested Tx power in dBm. The value provided is a signed byte that is passed to the RF core on the CC26xx.

Requested channel. Valid RF4CE channels are 15, 20 and 25. However, 802.15.4 channels 11-28 may be requested.

802.15.4 Channel Number MHz
11 2405
12 2410
13 2415
14 2420
15 2425
16 2430
17 2435
18 2440
19 2445
20 2450
21 2455
22 2460
23 2465
24 2470
25 2475
26 2480
27 2485
28 2490

Sample Code snippet

   rtiTestModeReq_t testModeReq;
   testModeReq.mode = RTI_TEST_MODE_TX_RAW_CARRIER;
   testModeReq.txPower = 5; = 18;